TechSee Live

Everything your contact center needs to give live visual assistance with time-saving automation, that improves agent performance; all while making your AI smarter.

Remote visual support

Supercharge Your Contact Center with Visual Service

Give your agents and technicians the ability to see what the customers sees. Bridge the visual gap between your customers and contact centers with remote visual customer assistance. Capture live images from every interaction, send visual instructions, and use augmented reality to easily guide even the most technically challenged. 

Effortless Self-Service
Deflect Calls & Improve Agent Performance

Visual self-service flows with image capture and computer vision AI improve self-service adoption, call deflection, and deliver visual context to your agents for quicker calls and improved customer satisfaction.

Remote visual support


Make Wait Time Work For You

Launch workflows directly from any IVR and CRM to drive more efficient customer engagement without having to install an app or download software. 

Auto AI Modeling

Turn Great Service Into Smart AI
Turn every live video support session into a rich data point for your AI models. TechSee will automatically pull key images from agent/customer interactions to train AI models to be used for self-service. 


Run as a background process, agents and IT teams don’t have to worry about manual data collection or clean-up to get highly accurate AI models.  Better live service will translate into better service automation results.

Visual Made Easy - Loved By Agents

All the features agents loves and customers demand.



Video Stream

Receive live video from the customer’s smartphone on the agent’s dashboard over web; no app download required.

Photo Mode

Allow customers to share photos with a single click, on demand or when connectivity is weak or down.

Visual History

Leverage insights into the visual session history of each customer, aligned with privacy policy, for internal collaboration.

Mobile Screen & App Mirroring

Enable agents to guide customers by non-intrusively sharing their mobile app or screen. Agents can use TechSee's visual assistance tools to guide customers via mobile screen mirroring.

Desktop sharing

Enable agents to guide customers by non-intrusively sharing their desktop.

Embedded chat

Send text messages, including predefined phrases and links, during visual sessions.

Speed Test

Check network connectivity in different locations within the customer’s premises.


Easily scan and analyze textual items (e.g. serial numbers, barcodes) using OCR.

Smart Assist

Real-time insights for device recognition and troubleshooting powered by Computer Vision AI. TechSee's smart assist solution enables real-time support for device and issue recognition.

Reporting & Analytics
Gain a wide range of BI insights into agent performance to drive usage and measure value over time.
Another benefit of TechSee's visual solution is the analytics tool, allowing accurate measuring of value.
Measurement Tool
Measure physical objects and distances using AR measurement tool.
TechSee's measurement tool uses AR to measure physical objects & distances.
Multiparty Consultation
Connect a 3rd party participant to the visual assistance session for additional expert guidance.

2-Way Video
Enable face to face engagement with a 2-way video stream.

Auto & On-Demand Recording
Record session automatically or initiate on-demand to record smaller segments of the call.

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