Power up your remote support capabilities, resolving common issues faster and slashing your truck roll rate with Visual Assistance.


Enhance your customer service with Visual Assistance

TechSee empowers utility companies to reduce the operational burden of repetitive customer inquiries such as meter readings, billing queries and troubleshooting, while reducing customer effort.


Reduce operational costs

Eliminate unnecessary truck rolls by supporting more cases remotely.

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce customer effort with visual, interactive assistance that creates better CX.

Drive technician enablement

Empower your technicians with visual guidance to increase first time fix rate while ensuring their safety.

Differentiate your brand

Deliver intuitive and engaging visual guidance as part of your digital transformation strategy.

Increase smart device adoption

Simplify the setup of smart home energy or water meters with interactive visual guidance.

Enhance self-service efficiency

Enable your customers to be more independent, boosting call deflection and self-service containment rates.

Deliver guided visual self-service flows for common customer service issues

Enable your customers to submit images of their issues such as meter readings, billing queries and subscription questions, to be handled later by a live agent for prompt case resolution.



Expert guides field technician through the process of replacing components in a fuse box.

Meter Reading

Customer receives AR instructions explaining how to read their water meter.


On-site engineer receives visual guidance on recalibrating new street lighting system.

Hazard Reporting

Customer reports a fallen tree, enabling instant visual evaluation of urgency.

Billing Inquiries

Customer receives a line-by-line visual explanation of their monthly bill on paper or via app sharing.

Installation Guidance

Customer is provided with interactive instructions on self-installing a new smart thermostat.


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AI in Utilities is revolutionizing the CX for utility customers via technologies such as predictive analytics, RPA and virtual assistants

Visual Customer Assistance for Utilities

Visual support helps utility companies reduce operational costs, increase self-service, promote field safety, boost customer satisfaction, and improve KPIs.

Utility Customer Experience: Why It Must Be Effortless

Improving customer experience in utilities is key to reducing customer churn and maintaining customer stability.

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