Streamline warranty handling while while reducing repair costs and product returns with Visual Assistance.

Enhance the entire product experience with Visual Assistance

TechSee enables consumer electronics brands, manufacturers, retailers and warranty providers to deliver exceptional customer experience while reducing costly product returns and technician dispatches.


Reduce operational costs

Eliminate unnecessary truck rolls, product pickups and replacements while cutting call volume.

Minimize No Fault Found product returns

Allow your customers to experience products before purchase and simplify setup.

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce effort with interactive visual assistance that creates better CX.

Enhance self-service efficiency

Enable your customers to be more independent, boosting call deflection and self-service containment rates.

Drive technician enablement

Empower your technicians with visual guidance to increase first time fix rates and cut training time.

Earn customer loyalty and drive upsells

Leverage transactional satisfaction to make timely offers that increase customer lifetime value.


Clear instructions on restarting a washing machine are provided when a customer sees an error code.
Installation Guidance
Customer receives interactive, step-by-step instructions on how to properly install a new smart thermostat.
Warranty Verification
Scanning the serial number of a customer’s dishwasher allows the device’s warranty status to be quickly determined.
Issue Confirmation
Confirm and address customer concerns regarding product issues.
Operational Guidance
Customer is shown how to correctly program their coffee machine to make the perfect cup.
Personalized Sales
Customer receives guidance on measuring the available space for a new oven and gets a recommendation for a suitable model.
Routing and Resolution

Customer is asked to upload pictures of their device before they speak with agent. Computer vision AI identifies each device and the issue, for faster resolution.

Job Verification

Computer vision AI verifies field service job completion, reducing need for repeat visits.

Streamline warranty handling while increasing product registrations

Enable your customers to complete quick self-service product registration, allowing your company to directly engage with them to generate post-sale revenues.

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