The Benefits of Visual Engagement for Contact Centers

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Visual engagement is maturing as a technology, and is swiftly becoming a key differentiator for many customer service organizations. With clear ROI demonstrated almost immediately upon implementation, C-level and contact center management have turned to visual engagement tools as an important stepping stone on their journey towards providing a digital customer-centric experience.

They have found that visual support has a dramatic effect on KPIs measured in every contact center: NPS, FCR and Truck Rolls. Improvements in these areas have been proven to translate into lower customer churn and an improved bottom line.

This article describes the effect of visual engagement on the core customer service contact center KPIs. For a detailed look at how visual customer engagement techniques may be applied throughout the sales process, please read our article on improving the sales process.

Read on for an introduction to our series of resources on the effect of visual support on contact center KPIs.

What is Visual Customer Engagement?

Visual customer engagement refers to visually interacting with customers through screen sharing, cobrowsing or live video. This category of engagement also includes the dimension of augmented reality, whereby customer service agents use visual annotations for a variety of use cases including showing customers the actions they need to take during technical support sessions or clarifying billing issues. You can learn more about how TechSee’s visual engagement platform works here.

The Rise of Visual Communication

Video is becoming increasingly entrenched in daily life. With millennials growing as a consumer segment and driving a shift in user behavior, the demand for visual aids to communication is increasing. Businesses in all sectors are therefore seeking solutions that enable enhanced video engagement with customers.

One example is the explosion of product unboxing videos. Back in 2014, YouTube reported an increase in product unboxing video views of 57% in one year, an increase in uploads of more than 50% and more than a billion views annually. Google Consumer Survey underscored these statistics, with 20% of consumers reporting that they had watched an unboxing video. The appeal of unboxing videos shows no sign of abating any time soon.

Aside from video tutorials, other visual resources are in high demand. According to a recent consumer survey about support preferences for self-installing electronic devices, 71% of respondents chose visual guidance, indicating a preference for receiving visual instructions for self-installation digitally. 40% preferred to receive those instructions directly to their smartphones. This desire for mobile guidance was even more dominant amongst millennials.

Maturity of Visual Engagement

The popularity and success of visual technology has been driven by the ubiquity of next-generation platforms, networks and devices, all working hand-in-hand to support highly reliable video feeds. These technological advances have paved the way for the commercial and scalable deployment  of visual engagement platforms.

As leaders in intelligent visual support, TechSee has implemented visual support in the contact centers of some of the world’s largest companies, including Vodafone, Samsung, Orange, Liberty Global, and Achmea. Reflecting on our experiences across multiple industries — from telecoms to consumer electronics, insurance and utilities, we’ve compiled a series of Best Practices based on these implementations and their results.

How Visual Engagement Tools Boost Key KPIs

In the series, we focus on the three KPIs that have been dramatically affected by the introduction of visual engagement tools into customer service practices.

Below is a brief summary of the insights we’ve gained per KPI. If you click the link at the end of each paragraph, you can download the complete guide for each KPI, including an in-depth analysis, tips and real statistics about the impact of visual engagement on customer experience.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) Improves with Visual Engagement

Customer satisfaction is critical as it impacts churn and customer lifetime value.

It’s well established that improving NPS has a direct positive effect on a company’s bottom line. Maximizing relationships with existing customers by improving communication and service processes is a clear priority in our customer-centric era.

Implementing visual support in a contact center directly affects the key elements that define a company’s NPS:

  • Reduced customer effort
  • Higher agent engagement
  • Enhanced agent knowledge
  • Better resolution rate

It also offers the added value of delivering a competitive advantage through innovative technology, the ability to interact with customers via their preferred communication channel, and higher levels of agent satisfaction.

Click here to download best practices and valuable tips for improving your NPS score and influencing the likelihood of a customer recommending your business.

FCR (First Contact Resolution) Rate Rises with Visual Engagement

In an age when customers demand results in exchange for their loyalty, FCR is fast replacing AHT as the yardstick of success.

FCR is used to gauge the quality of customer service as well as the overall efficiency of the contact center’s operations. A low FCR rate has a significant impact on costs, customer churn, upsells and lifetime value, customer satisfaction and agent loyalty.

The implementation of visual support in contact centers delivers an enhanced customer experience and boosts profitability. Resolving a customer’s issue the first time results in operational savings due to fewer calls and escalations, as well as improved revenues from decreased churn and increased Customer Life Value.

Click here to download a practical approach to raising FCR with visual support, and to start delivering real trackable value.

Reducing Truck Rolls, Improving First Call Fix Rate

The elimination of costly NFF technician dispatches addresses a key pain point of most service organizations.

In service industries, costly truck rolls are a necessary evil. While technician visits are often required for specialized service or repair, each and every dispatch represents a significant expense for the company. It can cost up to 100 times more than resolving the issue remotely.

With so much on the line, companies must optimize the entire process around truck rolls – from decision to dispatch through preparation and finally the visit itself. Visual support enables technical issues to be resolved remotely, significantly lowering the dispatch rate.

It also allows for better preparation and remote guidance between an expert and novice technician when necessary, resulting in a higher first call fix rate while improving efficiency metrics.

Click here to download the report on how visual assistance impacts the field service ecosystem, from reducing NFF dispatches to improving first call fix rates.

The Value of Visual Engagement

Visual engagement is the way of the future. As video becomes an integral part of our everyday lives, customer service organizations would do well to leverage its power across a wide range of use cases.

When visual references, proofs and communication are required to complete a report, transaction or service request, the value of visualization is appreciated by both companies and customers.

TechSee has transformed the customer support domain by providing the first intelligent visual support solution powered by artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

TechSee’s platform crowdsources expertise and builds the world’s largest repository of visual technical issues. The result is an AI-based platform that over time, provides smart decision support tools for agents and visual self service solutions for consumers powered by a ‘virtual technician’ for onboarding, operational guidance and troubleshooting.

Hagai Shaham, Director of Strategic Accounts

Hagai Shaham, Director of Strategic Accounts

Hagai joined TechSee in its beginnings in 2016 and has profound knowledge of its solutions and the audience it caters to. He is currently serving as TechSee's Director of Strategic Accounts to ensure clients realize the full value from their solutions and partnerships.


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