Improve the bottom line and reduce operational costs with visual customer engagement.


Streamline Product Purchase, Registration and Warranty Handling

TechSee enables retailers to visually engage with their customers to offer personalized sales and simplified product unboxing experiences, increasing revenues and reducing product returns.


Reduce operational costs

Eliminate unnecessary returns, product pickups and replacements while reducing call volume.

Deliver personalized sales

Allow your customers to experience products before purchase to avoid no fault found returns.

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduce customer effort with visual, interactive assistance that creates better CX.

Enhance self-service efficiency

Enable effective visual self service during product unboxing, registration and installation.

Earn customer loyalty
and drive upsell

Leverage visual interactions to complete product registrations and sell new products and services.

Differentiate your brand

Offer intuitive and engaging visual guidance as part of your digital transformation strategy.


Personalized Sales

Customer receives guidance on measuring the available space for a new oven and gets a recommendation for a suitable model.

Warranty Verification

Scanning the serial number of a customer’s dishwasher allows the device’s warranty status to be quickly determined.

Installation Guidance

Step-by-step visual instructions are provided to guide a customer who needs assistance with self-installing a smart thermostat.


Customer views a visual breakdown of each charge on their invoice on paper or via app sharing.

Retail Technology Support

Store clerk receives real-time visual guidance on troubleshooting in-store hardware.

Augmented Shopping

Customer receives in-store AR product information on their smartphone from a ‘virtual shopper.’

Streamline and Automate Product Registration

Enable your customers to complete quick self-service product registration, allowing your company to directly engage with them to generate post-sale revenues.

Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics

Discover how you can reduce No Fault
Found product returns with TechSee


No Fault Found Electronic Product Returns Survey Results

Welcome to the first major research project since 2011 on the subject of no fault found returns of

Leading Payment Processor Comdata Slashes AHT by 20%

TechSee enables payment processor Comdata to improve all customer service KPIs using Augmented Reality-based Visual Assistance.

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