Visual AI Solutions for Telecom CX

AI and AR-driven visual solutions slash overhead and streamline the entire customer experience.

The Impact of Visual Innovation

TechSee’s visual solutions not only address specific telecom challenges but also offer broad operational benefits, ensuring telecom providers can deliver exceptional service while optimizing costs and resources.

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Truck Rolls Saved

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Annual Savings

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Self-Service Success

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NPS Improvement

When we saw TechSee it was simple but at the same time it was transformative. We saw enormous cost savings in customer site visits and first-time resolutions. Agents and customers were happier.
Paresh Modi
Head of Innovation, Vodafone

End-to-End Experience

From self-service to call centers to field technicians, TechSee’s suite of tools elevates service quality and operational efficiency to new heights.

Simplify Self-Service

Streamline customer self-service with AI-driven visual guides. From setup to troubleshooting and even to billing, enable customers to resolve issues independently, lowering call volumes.

Containment Rate: + 40%
CSAT Improvement: + 92%

Enhance Remote Service

In cases where customers are unable to resolve an issue independently, immediate and effective visual support slashes AHT and boosts FCR, redefining remote customer assistance in telecom.

AHT Reduction: - 20%
FCR Improvement: + 288%

Empower Technicians

No matter how great the self-service and call center performance, occasional technician dispatches will still be necessary. Optimize real-time resolutions by giving technicians the power of visual assistance.

Truck Rolls Saved: - 41%
Operational Savings: $1M / Year
CO2 Reduction: 74,000 Tons

TechSee empowers our agents to provide a more effective, efficient service and better customer experience.
Agustin Martin Mayo
Technical Assistance & Provisioning Director, Orange

Tried and Tested Telecom Solutions

Self-Install for Fiber & More

TechSee’s visual AI transforms the fiber installation process, enabling customers to self-install with confidence. This solution significantly lowers operational costs by reducing the need for technician visits. With AI-guided visuals, customers achieve over 90% success in telecom self-installs, reducing technician dispatches and elevating self-reliance.

Transforming Troubleshooting with Visuals

TechSee cuts through troubleshooting complexities, offering faster resolutions and elevating CX. This visual approach leads to significant savings by decreasing call volumes and enhancing support efficiency, including collecting vital information during hold times.

Field Service Excellence with Visual AI Job Verification

Visual assistance accelerates technician training and enhances job verification processes. By providing AR overlays and AI guidance, new technicians ramp up faster, and job quality is verified in real-time, ensuring compliance and satisfaction.

Ready for Tomorrow’s Telecom Challenges

As the telecom industry evolves, TechSee’s adaptable visual support solutions ensure your services remain cutting-edge. From fiber today to fixed-wireless access tomorrow, we’re not just solving current telecom issues but are fully equipped to meet future challenges, keeping you ahead in a competitive landscape.

The potential use cases for TechSee's computer vision are really endless. The first major opportunity for us is providing guidance for our customers, making existing self-help better by adding in visual assistance.
Erik Sheehan
VP Global Networks & Operations, Verizon

Sophie AI: Next Generation CX

With Sophie AI, seamlessly integrate AI and AR into telecom operations. Elevate service across all touchpoints, ensuring your telecom services are future-ready.

Sophie AI Platform

A comprehensive AI and AR integration platform that powers seamless visual engagement across customer service, field service, and self-service domains within the telecom industry.

Total Experience Platform

Sophie AI Agents

Autonomous service solutions within the Sophie AI Platform that leverage visual AI and AR for automated customer assistance, offering intuitive and scalable self-service options.

Sophie AI Assist

Support tools for service staff, providing real-time visual guidance and AI-driven insights to enhance the quality and efficiency of customer support interactions.

Use the visual angle

Total Experience Platform