Accelerate your digital transformation with intelligent visual customer engagement.


Enhance your claim process with visual and effortless service

TechSee empowers insurers to streamline their claim and underwriting processes and reduce customer effort using remote Visual Assistance, as well as guided visual self-service for policyholders.


Shorten claim lifecycle

Reduce the need to dispatch field adjusters and cut cost per claim.

Boost customer satisfaction

Reduce customer effort with a visual, interactive claim process that creates better CX.

Increase adjuster productivity

Provide visuals of damage and remotely support field adjusters when needed.

Deliver visual self-service

Easily onboard customers and enable them to purchase polices and submit claims independently.

Prevent fraud

Visualize each claim for accurate damage estimation.

Differentiate your brand

Deliver intuitive and engaging visual guidance as part of your digital transformation strategy.


Claims Processing

Customer’s car damage is assessed instantly and the claim is processed on First Notice of Loss.

Remote Adjustment

Customer’s flood damage is visualized remotely, enabling immediate assessment of repair cost.

Risk Classification

Security status of customer’s home is verified immediately when taking out a new policy.

Field Supervision

Repair estimates are visually approved and satisfactory job completion is confirmed.

Forms, Bills, Proofs

Customer’s issues are clarified using live video guidance for paper documents or app sharing.

Smart Device Support

Customer receives end-to-end assistance with installation, configuration and troubleshooting of a new smart security system.

Paperwork Processing

Computer vision AI "reads" images of documents uploaded by customers or adjusters, to both confirm that the correct documents are uploaded and pre-fill required form fields.


Deliver guided visual self-service flows for policyholders

Enable your customers to submit images of damage, new items, IDs and forms, to be handled later by a live agent for prompt case resolution.

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