Visual Automation for Field Service

Drive your field service performance with AI powered Visual Assistance and Remote Technician Utilization.

TechSee's visual assistance tools allows you to support technicians remotely.

Empower Field Technicians
with AI Visual Guidance

Boost first-time fix rates, cut operational costs and reduce training times by visually connecting with customers and technicians. 

Integrated flows automatically collect key visual information from remote customers and technicians. This is ideal for assessing work sites, job progress and process compliance. AI automates remote tasks including job confirmation and automating visual guidance for technicians and customers. 

Remote live assistance enables everything from service virtualization to remote expert consultation for technicians.


TechSee's AI-powered visual automation allows you to empower technicians by supporting them remotely.

Empower your technicians with Computer Vision AI-based knowledge augmentation, virtually directing technicians for faster issue resolution.

There's no need to download TechSee's browser based solution!

Enable maximum availability with both browser-based (app-less) and SDK-based visual technology.

The visual guidance solution pioneered by TechSee is fully integrated with your FSM.

Enterprise-grade technology with unmatched accuracy, reliability, flexiblity and integrations for fast adoption and sustained impact.

See how Verizon uses TechSee
to ensure safety compliance

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Remote Technician

Allow technicians to support customers remotely from the back office, avoiding site visits or increasing efficiency through pre-dispatch inspections.

TechSee- Remote Technician

Simple visual connection between remote technician and customer via browser

Techsee- Remote Technician

Technician sees and grasps customer’s issue immediately

Remote Technician

Technician uses AR tools to show customer how to address the issue

Techsee- Remote Technician

Technician visually confirms that customer’s issue has been resolved

Remote Expert

Allow technicians to connect from the field with remote experts, supervisors or their peers.

TechSee in action - remote assistance

Simple visual connection between technician and remote expert via FSM app or browser

TechSee in action - remote assistance

Technician shows issue – expert quickly confirms status and diagnoses cause

TechSee in action - remote assistance

Expert uses AR tools and visual instructions to show technician how to resolve issue

TechSee in action - remote assistance

Expert visually confirms issue resolution and proper job completion


Allow technicians to resolve issues, verify their job and summarize it without contacting a remote expert.

TechSee in action - autonomous assistance

Technician shows issue to virtual assistant which identifies equipment and cause of issue from knowledge base

TechSee in action - autonomous assistance

Technician is visually guided to resolution with interactive AR instructions

TechSee in action - autonomous assistance

Images of completed job compared with best practices – virtual assistant confirms or rejects

Techsee Live Field Services

Videos or images of job uploaded, automatically tagged and added to case history in FSM


Video Stream

Receive live video from the user’s smartphone or tablet on a remote expert’s dashboard over web (no app download required) or via the technician’s native app.

TechSee's visual assistance allows the technicians to receive live video stream from the customer's phone.

Mobile to Mobile

Allow experts to connect with their peers from any location via their tablet or mobile phone.

Experts can connect with colleagues via their mobile phones, using TechSee's solution.

Support Voice over IP calls as part of the visual session.

VoIP calls are supported with TechSee's visual assistance tools.

Photo Mode
Allow users to share photos with a single click, on demand or when connectivity is weak or down.

TechSee's visual engagement technology allows users to share photos with one-click.

Visual History
Leverage insights into the visual session history of each customer, aligned with privacy policy, for internal collaboration.

Use TechSee's visual history tool to leverage insights into each customer's support history.

Visual Knowledge Base
Manage visual libraries of pre-defined resolution instructions to be shared with technicians, customers and subcontractors.

TechSee's solution allows you to utilize a visual knowledge based data bank.

Easily scan and analyze textual items (e.g. serial numbers, barcodes) using OCR.

It's simple to scan & analyze textual based items with TechSee.

Mobile Screen Mirroring
Enable experts to guide customers and technicians by non-intrusively sharing their mobile app or screen.

With TechSee's mobile screen mirroring option, experts can guide technicians/ customers via their screen.

Reporting & Analytics
Gain a wide range of BI and performance insights to drive usage and measure value over time.

TechSee's visual solution allows you to gather data and analyze.

Identify the location of the user during the visual session, for monitoring field technicians and subcontractors.

TechSee's geo-location feature lets you identify the location of the customer.

Smart Assist
Deliver real-time visual expert decision support for device and issue recognition, powered by Computer Vision AI.

Powered by AI, TechSee's visual guidance tools allows you to deliver real-time support.

Smart Glasses Support
Connect using supported smart glasses for step-by-step AR-based visual guidance.

Use smart glasses for step-by-step support with TechSee.

Multiparty Consultation
Connect a 3rd party participant to the visual assistance session for additional expert guidance.

TechSee's tools allow an expert third party to connect to the visual support session.

Explore TechSee for Vuzix Smart Glasses.


Boost first-time fix rates with Visual AI. AI automatically inspects every job before the technicians leave the worksite - no internet connection required.


Automatically collect images from technics or customers before dispatch, during a job or upon completion. Images are auto-tagged and added to the case history.


Reduce dispatches with remote visual service. Experienced technicians visually connect with customers, see what they see, and guide them through self-service.

Using Computer Vision AI technology, the TechSee platform automatically recognizes devices and their issues to provide technicians and experts with real-time visual decision support.

Deliver Visual Automation with Computer Vision AI

Using patented Computer Vision AI technology, the TechSee platform automatically recognizes devices and their issues to provide technicians and experts with real-time visual knowledge and AR guidance.

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