AI in Field Service: A New Frontier

Investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a key focus of customer service departments across almost every industry over the past decade. The technology has been deployed heavily in contact centers and is powering ever-evolving self-service capabilities, but has largely remained a greenfield area for field service organizations. Has the time finally arrived for AI in field service?

The field service industry is finally getting in on the act with forward-thinking organizations increasingly harnessing the power of AI to transform operations by improving their internal processes, service offerings and relationships with their customers.

TechSee’s new eBook, “Artificial Intelligence in Field Service: A New Frontier,” explores AI’s importance to the sector, covering many aspects including:

  • how AI drives efficiencies and productivity with knowledge management and analytics
  • using AI to lower operational costs by ensuring that the right person is dispatched with the right skills and the right parts every time (boosting customer satisfaction in the process)
  • closing the generational gap by using AI to enable effective knowledge sharing between veteran technicians and novice employees

The report provides a deep dive into three practical and innovative AI applications that are emerging as key field service solutions: AI-driven scheduling, AI-powered knowledge bases and AI-based visual analysis.

Whether you are in telecommunications, utilities, HVAC, plumbing, landscaping, or any other service-based field, AI is likely to have a large impact on the future of your industry.

Download this eBook now to understand just what that future may hold.

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