Remote Technician Downtime Utilization

Optimize field service technician schedules to assign virtual visits, assist junior field agents, or pre-visit a site to ensure efficient on-site support.

virtual appointments deliver more for less

Turn your field service team’s downtime into profit using TechSee’s visual engagement suite. Easily assign virtual appointments to your remote technicians to reduce truck rolls and maximize productivity.

The upside of downtime

How Does it Work?

Improve CSAT and NPS

Get to more customers in less time, reducing call hold times and long waits for in-person support.

Lower Costs

Reduce unnecessary truck rolls and inefficiency with virtual visits.

Optimize Schedules

Easily assign virtual appointments to allow field technicians to support customers while they wait between on-site jobs.

Eliminate Repeat Visits

Pre-assess jobs virtually to ensure technicians get to the site with right equipment

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