TechSee Live Field Services Brochure

This document presents information about our visual technician enablement solution for field services. Download it to learn how our interactive communication platform boosts productivity and effectiveness in the field.

We offer the industry’s only end-to-end visual customer engagement platform for contact centers, field service, and self-service, proven at scale with deployments of over 10k users, feature-rich, yet simple to implement and use, and integrated to all the major CRM and FSM platforms.

Our patented browser-based connection establishes a live stream with no need for an app download, reducing customer effort, and boosting user adoption. A product expert then overlays clear visual guidance on the user’s mobile screen, enabling technicians, service reps and customers to achieve rapid resolutions.

With multi-patented Computer Vision AI technology, we teach machines to recognize devices, identify their issues and suggest resolutions, providing autonomous technician assistance to enable independent troubleshooting and job verification.

Driving Technician Enablement in 3 Modes

Remote Technician: Allow technicians to support customers remotely from the back office, avoiding site visits or increasing efficiency through pre-dispatch inspections, and ensuring safety during the pandemic.

Remote Expert: Allow technicians to connect from the field with remote experts, supervisors, or their peers and receive AR-based guidance.

Autonomous Assistance: Allow technicians to resolve issues, verify their job and summarize it without contacting a remote expert using AI-powered visual decision support.

Maximize Value with the Industry’s Leading Visual Support Solution

TechSee Live Field Services is proven to increase technician enablement, enable cross-functional collaboration, reduce customer effort, enhance operational efficiency, cut training time, and reduce costs.

Before COVID-19, we were enabling enterprises to bridge the widening knowledge gap in field service delivery and boost productivity. During the pandemic, we’ve also been helping them maintain service resilience while ensuring the safety of customers and employees.


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