TechSee Live for Insurance Brochure

The insurance industry is facing a growing demand for customer-centric solutions and a steady rise of non-traditional players cannibalizing market share with innovative business models. This transformation has resulted in more and more insurance companies turning to digital technologies in order to keep pace. The shift to digital claims has been proven to increase efficiency; a digital claims function can drive a 20% increase in customer satisfaction score and 25-30% reduction in claim expenses.

For the property and casualty (P&C) industry, digital functions based on data and analytics has enabled not only an elevated claims experience for customers, but a boost in loss prevention and overall profitability as well.

If you are an insurance company seeking to enhance your claim processing function, this TechSee brochure highlights how you can achieve that goal by providing AI and AR-powered visual assistance for insurance claims, as well as interactive real-time guidance from contact center experts on filling out claim documentation and resolving billing issues.

You will learn how an intelligent visual support platform can enhance the entire claim cycle by delivering visual interactive customer assistance for contact center agents, adjusters and customers in both assisted and self-service modes. Read about a wide range of use cases, such as:

  •    Faster and more accurate claims processing
  •    More efficient remote adjustment
  •    Better risk classification
  •    Reduced fraud
  •    Tighter supervision of adjusters and contractors
  •    Improved documentation handling
  •    Enhanced IoT smart device support

This resource clearly explains how implementing a visual support solution within existing workflows —  either alongside legacy core systems or integrated with new digital ones — helps insurance companies take digital claims to the next level, keep up with customers’ service level expectations, while improving their KPIs in the process.

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