Teach smart devices to see what you see: Why TechSee is one of the best R&D companies to work for

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Teach smart devices to see what you see: Why TechSee is one of the best R&D companies to work for

If you’ve ever been tempted to smash your wireless router or take a bat to your smart thermostat out of sheer frustration, then you already have a pretty good idea of why we do what we do at TechSee.

Never heard of TechSee? That’s ok, we may be a relatively new startup (founded in 2015) but we are really starting to make a splash, so expect to hear more about us going forward.

Our technology allows contact center agents and technicians to remotely guide customers on how to fix and install their products using video, Computer Vision, AI and augmented reality – so you can unbox and set up just about anything…and fix it, too, if it’s not working the way it should.

TechSee is powered by computer vision AI, or in simple words – we teach our machines to see and understand tech issues – all automatically, and have developed the world’s first virtual visual assistant (think chatbot with eyes). The hope is that you’ll never have to open a text-heavy or nonsensical instruction manual (anyone ever try to explain their parents how to reboot their router?) ever again. And, if we can save a few consumer tech devices from being smashed to bits in the process, that’s fantastic…for us, for you, and for your wallet.

Don’t take our word for it! TechSee is trusted by companies across the globe in the telecom, consumer electronics, manufacturing, and insurance industries, including names we’ve all heard of like Vodafone, Orange, Achmea, CSG, Lavazza, and Hitachi, among other Customers-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named :-).

R&D Approach at TechSee

If you are searching for the best R&D companies to work for, you’ll know that the atmosphere at the office can vary greatly. Here at TechSee, oOur R&D team is made up of  software development, AI research, QA, DevOps and tech support professionals, all aiming for the ultimate bullseye:  supporting organizational and operational scale to help TechSee take over the world of remote visual support.

We take a product first approach to R&D: We believe that Remote Visual Assistance is as essential as electricity in day-to-day life. When we first told the world we were going to train computers to see, think, and solve real-world problems, people said our idea was crazy. $54 million later, we’re OK with crazy.

We are a team of problem solvers who push the barriers of technology. And to do that, our R&D superstars are empowered and expected to innovate and bring their personalities and ideas to add value to every project.

Our startup culture gives every employee a sense of autonomy (no bureaucratic hierarchies here), and opportunities abound for working with different teams and learning new technologies (even those you have no prior experience with). The sky’s the limit for boosting your knowledge and building your career which is why TechSee is one of the best R&D companies to work for.

Work & Projects

TechSee’s success through enhancing the company’s AI and video capabilities. We are a diverse team of 30 that gets to play with some of the most fun toys and technologies in the market: think AI, video, Cloud AWS, React, NodeJs, and more. As autonomous Fullstack squads using agile scrum methodology, our days are always fast-paced and exciting. With 7 patents and 14 pending, we are creating technology that has never been seen before. But not only do we work hard, we play hard too! From shared bike rides to BBQs, in-office yoga to coffee tastings, our teams blend their professional and personal lives for the best of both worlds.

Sneak peek into 2021

With all our success comes the drive to keep expanding into new projects and technologies. We plan to double our team size this year to include talented R&D professionals who want to combine their love for innovative visual technologies  — like computer vision and image processing — with fast-paced AI technologies.

2021 will see us focused on further developing our AI and video capabilities – as well as new capabilities — in order to meet the rising expectations of our current partners and customers around the world. We also plan to up our game in the area of business insights: our data is chock full of insights that are waiting to be uncovered and made more accessible for our customers. The world of vision awaits us!

Hear from the team

“It’s a great, young and inspiring team, and such a great place to work. I’ve been working here for over a year now and I must say there’s some really funny people on the team.”
Tom Benoliel, QA Engineer

“I’ve been at TechSee for 3 years and I started working here because of my amazing boss and friend Melisa who is our QA team lead. TechSee is really a great young fun company with lots of great people. It’s such a great product and working here makes you feel like you’re doing something to help the world” – Lynda Golomb, Senior QA Engineer

“The company size of TechSee is perfect for me. We are a team of 7 people within the web team, and we have a great time together. I feel like working at TechSee lets me wear many hats. There’s no limit, I can work on every aspect within the development process, front-end, back-end, I can do everything.” -Gal Margalit, FS Tech Lead

If you’re an R&D professional passionate about working with AI and video to help simplify the way people engage with technology, you’re invited to join our team of rockstars. See our list of open R&D positions and apply here.

Liad Churchill, VP Product Marketing

Liad Churchill, VP Product Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning expert, Liad Churchill, brings depth of knowledge in marketing smart technologies.


TechSee AI Team – Blazing new paths in AI innovation

TechSee AI Team – Blazing new paths in AI innovation

If you’re an AI professional with a passion to develop cool new ideas and change the world – you’re invited to join our team.

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