TechSee AI Team – Blazing new paths in AI innovation

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TechSee AI Team – Blazing new paths in AI innovation

TechSee has been out there since 2015 driving change with innovation, working to make a difference. How, what and why? In a nutshell, we’re reinventing and revolutionizing AI-powered remote support capabilities. Our technology allows contact center agents and technicians to remotely guide customers on how to fix and install their products using video, Computer Vision, AI and augmented reality.

TechSee is powered by computer vision AI – we teach our machines to see and understand tech issues automatically, and we’ve developed the world’s first virtual visual assistance, think smarter chatbots that can also “see”. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our goal is to utilize AI technology to develop solutions for remote and visual guidance.

TechSee has already established a global presence, trusted by companies in the telecom, consumer electronics, manufacturing, and insurance industries – Vodafone, Orange, Achmea, CSG, Lavazza, and Hitachi, to name a few. And the sky’s the limit as far as we’re concerned.

TechSee Al Team: From fantasy PoC to reality

Our AI team is a talented group of engineers – algorithm developers and full stack developers – aiming to develop web tools, bring cool PoCs and web applications from research and development to “go live” and successful deployment. Our combined and expanded skill sets give the department the capabilities to go beyond the typical specs of AI into the web platform – because that’s the main focus here at TechSee.

In our work, we use Agile Scrum methodology, with sprints of research and development. We like to call what we do “AI full-stack development”, because we provide the whole package from A to Z – research, development, certain aspects of developing UI, tools, graphic interfaces, as well as hard-core AI backend (infrastructure for training, infrastructure for algorithms).

TechSee is trying to change the world and it’s not all talk. Our major focus is making dreams come true – on the practical side. We don’t just do research for products that will stay on the shelf or are built theoretically but don’t work practically.. We’re oriented toward real products and real-life solutions that make a difference.

Work & Projects

We work on a variety of activities and cool features using cutting-edge technologies and top-notch algorithms. Sorry – the details are top secret 🙂

Typical tools of our trade include few-shot learning, transfer learning, and fine tuning for semantic segmentation and classification.  We’ve also dabbled with automatic clustering on client images and on text information inside an image, what we call unsupervised data clustering. Another direction we’re exploring is reducing input data for training and to improve accuracy.

2020 highlights

Last year we successfully developed a large-scale algorithm and AI module that we trained for a major telecom company in the U.S.  What started out as a project for 600 technicians developed and grew in scope to nation-wide deployment with More than 10,000 technicians using TechSee’s system – with over 94% accuracy!  Great results for TechSee – and pretty amazing results for AI.

We learned a lot working with people new to the AI field at our client’s company. We had to bridge  a knowledge gap, relaying behind-the-scenes and technical processes to management unfamiliar with how AI works.  But that didn’t stop us from doing what we do best- stepping up to the challenge, thinking outside-the-box, and solving problems.

Sneak peek into 2021

For 2021 we’re looking at three main AI objectives that will open exciting possibilities. We plan to invest on improving our AI lifecycle, making it scaleable and as automated as possible – looking ahead at the possibility of exporting the process to clients and partners, so that they can build off proven AI and create their own AI models. And that leads to our second goal – making our AI more accessible by working on dashboards, for example AI module creation and versioning. Bottom line is we want to show the values of using TechSee’s AI, how we can improve lives and benefit businesses.  And finally – we want to make our AI smarter, explore new fields, and more cutting-edge tech.

To do that, we’re looking to expand our team with more AI enthusiasts!

Hear from the team

“The best thing about Techsee is that the company empowers its ‎employees to generate change- they’re open to ideas and let us follow through with development. That’s how the best ideas come to life.” Renan Schilman, AI team leader

“For me, working in TechSee means working with the most advanced AI technologies and with close friends. The mission, rapid pace of progress and friendships, create a sense of a special unit. The team gets to engage in technologies from all the worlds of machine learning, and I often find myself developing a variety of features in new areas of AI and with various challenges.” Eldan Chodorov, AI team

If you’re an AI professional with a passion to develop cool new ideas and change the world – you’re invited to join our team. See our list of open positions and apply here.

Liad Churchill, VP Product Marketing

Liad Churchill, VP Product Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning expert, Liad Churchill, brings depth of knowledge in marketing smart technologies.


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