The TechSee Delivery Team – Driving change through exceptional delivery

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The TechSee Delivery Team - Driving change through exceptional delivery

How cool would it be if you could just dial up a “smart” instant assistant to help you set up your latest “smart” doodad. It could save you the frustration of staring at your unboxed new toy and wondering what to do next. Yeah – well, been there, done that. And that’s just one of our goals at TechSee (hopefully also stopping you from tearing your hair out). 

TechSee has been out there since 2015 and fully engaged ever since, motivated to drive change. How, you ask? The short version is – we’re expanding the capabilities and pushing the envelope of remote support capabilities. Our technology allows contact center agents and technicians to remotely guide customers on how to fix and install their products using video, Computer Vision, AI and augmented reality – so you can unbox and set up just about anything…and maybe even become a do-it-yourself technician. The hope is that no one will be pushed to the brink when there’s a helpful and user-friendly option for step-by-step remote and visual guidance.

TechSee is powered by computer vision AI, which simply put means that we teach our machines to see and understand tech issues automatically, and we’ve developed the world’s first virtual visual assistant – you might call it another step in the evolution of chatbots. 

TechSee has already established a global presence, trusted by companies in the telecom, consumer electronics, manufacturing, and insurance industries – Vodafone, Orange, Achmea, CSG, Lavazza, and Hitachi, to name a few. We’ve planted the seeds of our vision – and now we’re watching it grow. And the sky’s the limit as far as we’re concerned.

TechSee’s Delivery Team: Bound for excellence, motivated for success

Our delivery team is a talented and driven group of experienced technical project management, customer success, and customer engagement professionals led by the company’s COO – just call us the “dream team.”  We face the unique challenge of creating the drive for change in companies, identifying the motivators, ensuring seamless integration and optimal use of our product with their end customers. 

It’s a competitive field, and our guiding principle is excellence in service and responsiveness. Our side of the equation – the work our team does – is to help our customers and partners embrace, generate, and manage change. And we’re totally up for the challenge. We like to push the limits – not just for us, but to convince management teams to step out of their comfort zone and embrace innovation. And we’re all in it to win it.

We like to keep things interesting. On any given day, any one of us could be working on one or more business areas. Collaboration is king – no matter the technical skills you bring to the table. We share our knowledge, experience, ideas and insights, and there’s always something to learn.  The delivery team works with the account managers and sales team. We don’t do the hard sell, we’re the ones who offer the “added value.” The end goal is not only adoption of the product by a customer but also the extent of our impact on the customer’s business metrics and key performance indicators.

We’re our customers’ trusted advisor – the problem solvers and the team with the answers. For that, we also have to stay up to date with trends and news in the companies and the industries we work with. Success for us is when we make an impact on our customers’ business, helping them to maximize their profit and see the benefits of using TechSee’s product. 

Work & Projects

Currently our team is mainly engaged in a product called TechSee Live for contact centers and field services. Our patented technology combines proprietary Deep Learning and advanced Computer Vision AI methods, to recognize devices and their parts and associate them with common issues and resolutions. By harnessing the power of AI and AR we provide a remote support “super tool” that is critical for brands and service companies. Our team works with a wide range of companies, from telecos, retail and utilities and leading consumer electronic brands. 

2020 highlights

2020 – better known as the year of the coronavirus, was unique in its challenges. One notable landmark as a result of our work was with Verizon. Over a single weekend, Verizon connected 10,000 customer service reps and technicians to TechSee’s platform. In a record-breaking 48 hours they solved the constraints of social distancing, ensuring service and business continuity. We saw thousands of sessions a day from technicians – a measure of true value for Verizon – and for us. Bingo!

Sneak peek into 2021

It’s all about integration – now more than ever. Ensuring TechSee’s products are easily integrated is our focus looking forward. The industry is changing, and we know what challenges lie ahead, so we need to be prepared. We also want to continue to increase our user base as well as offer more features. To do that, working with our other departments, we’re going to need more technical and integration experts with project management skills and change management capabilities.  

Hear from the Team

“There’s always the buzz of something happening here at TechSee, there’s an amazing vibe and the team dynamics are great. Gotta say, I love coming to work.”-Sharon Reshef, Customer Success

“TechSee is a great place to work, and I’m always psyched to start my day.  It’s young, fast-paced and fun, and to top it all off we have a great product that’s making a real difference.” – Alon Eder, Customer Success

If you’re a team player with a passion for customer success, you’re invited to join our team. See our list of open positions and apply here.

Liad Churchill, VP Product Marketing

Liad Churchill, VP Product Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning expert, Liad Churchill, brings depth of knowledge in marketing smart technologies.


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