6 Testimonials of How Visual Assistance Saved The Day

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Customer Care Success Stories: Visual Assistance Saves the Day

Every company understands that their customers are their number one priority, and many businesses are ready and willing to go the extra mile to wow their customers… if only they had the right tools.

TechSee’s clients use Visual Assistance technology in their contact centers to support customers with a wide range of issues, from product unboxing, setting up and troubleshooting of devices to onboarding and billing issues. Let’s take a closer look at some memorable customer care success stories to highlight those businesses that go above and beyond when it comes to delivering the kind of service that wins over a customer for life.

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Saved by Visual Assistance: 6 Customer Testimonials

Can visual assistance help Dad wash the dress in time?

Washing machine woes: one father was desperate to work out what was the issue with his washing machine, as his daughter’s dress was in dire need of a quick wash – they were leaving soon to a wedding and she’d spilled juice on her outfit. An agent using Visual Assistance came to the rescue, and realized that the child lock was preventing the machine from operating. She patiently guided the dad in unlocking it so he could get that dress looking like new.

The clock is ticking and elderly patient needs to draw blood…

Diabetic drama: not many service companies can boast that they’ve intervened in a potentially life-threatening situation. But Visual Assistance enabled a help desk agent at a company that supplies glucometers to assist an elderly diabetic with her new device. She just couldn’t manage to draw a drop of blood – until the agent showed her how to set the needle to the correct depth. Crisis averted. Another customer service success story!

Large bill alert – was something more sinister at play?

Bill bust: when a telecom customer complained about an unusually large bill, it opened a real Pandora’s Box. After the agent initiated a Visual Assistance session and worked through the invoice line by line with the customer, they soon realized that she’d been the victim of identity theft! The company got right on the case and with the help of the police, the customer didn’t end up a penny out of pocket.

Simple solution why the router wasn’t responding!

The rogue router: a customer care agent at a leading telco couldn’t figure out why none of his verbal instructions made sense to a customer whose router wasn’t working. But once they began a Visual Assistance session, it was obvious. The customer was looking at a fire alarm box! After he’d overcome his embarrassment, the issue was resolved in a few minutes and became the next customer care success story.

What does strawberry jam have to do with connectivity?

The jam joke: an agent at a top UK telco was struggling to understand why there was a connectivity issue with a set-top box. With Visual Assistance, the problem became clear – the customer had somehow managed to get a dollop of strawberry jam on the microfilter in the wall socket. Must have been the kids. Needless – or seedless – to say, this bizarre scenario was quickly resolved.

Visual assistance SOS: “My car is smoking!”

Car calamities: every summer, thousands of motorists forget to top up the coolant in their engines, resulting in blown head gaskets and warped cylinder heads. Using Visual Assistance, roadside assistance providers around the world can now show drivers exactly what they need to do when that warning light comes on – and even when smoke starts billowing out from under the hood.

Become A Customer Service Success Story with Visual Assistance

Whether using Visual Assistance to save the day, spare customers’ embarrassment, defuse critical situations or to help your customers through everyday issues, having TechSee as a tool enables fast, effective problem diagnosis and resolution by agents and customers.

Andrew Mort, Content Manager

Andrew Mort, Content Manager

Andrew Mort brings extensive experience of writing compelling B2B and B2C copy, including press releases, thought leadership articles and marketing content.


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