Customer Service Stories: Visual Assistance to the Rescue!

Over the past few years, TechSee has grown from a small startup into a world leader in Visual Customer Assistance technology. With new clients in multiple industries continuously being added to our network, we’ve been able to collect thousands of visual assistance customer service stories from the worlds of Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Insurance and more.

To inspire and entertain you and your customer care teams, we’ve put together a list of real-life customer episodes – ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous – where TechSee’s Visual Assistance technology came through for the contact center in the nick of time.

Visual Assistance uses screen-based technology that allows agents to see the customer’s physical environment via their smartphone camera or by sharing their smart phone screen. Using Augmented Reality annotations, agents provide visual guidance, helping customers by showing them the exact steps they need to take.

From true crises like helping a diabetic through a medical emergency and uncovering a crime, through funnier customer troubles like helping a dad perform his domestic duties and finding strange substances on electronic devices, we’ve seen it all.

Whether using Visual Assistance to save the day, spare customers’ embarrassment, defuse critical situations or to help your customers through everyday issues, having TechSee as a tool enables fast, effective problem diagnosis and resolution by agents and customers. To access these eye-opening visual assistance customer service stories, download the document now.


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