Visual Customer Assistance for Utilities

Utilities’ complex and costly field operations – often involving high risk activities – require lengthy technical training and resources that are difficult to replace or scale upon demand. Customer service costs are up as well; a growing number repetitive billing inquiries, technical issues, hazard reports or shut down notices burden the workforce and drive up operational costs. In addition, the adoption of smart utility devices – such as smart thermostats and smart energy gauges – have pushed utilities companies to scale their support models and shift to self service in order to meet the demand.

If you are a utility company seeking to bridge the gap between delivering value and ensuring profitability, this TechSee resource highlights how AI and AR-powered visual assistance helps utilities provide the enhanced services necessary for effective, innovative service operations.

You will learn how an intelligent visual support platform can improve the way utility companies process and resolve inquiries by providing intelligent visual interactive communication/engagement platform for field technicians, contact center agents and customers in both assisted and self service modes.

Read about a wide range of use cases, such as:

  •    Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  •    Hazard Reporting & Analysis
  •    Billing Inquiries
  •    Installation Guidance
  •    Augmented Manuals

This resource explains how implementing a visual support solution helps utilities reduce operational costs, increase adoption of smart utility devices, enhance self-service activities, promote safety in the field, boost customer satisfaction, while improving KPIs in the process.

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