TechSee Live for Retail

In-store and online, retailers seek seamless shopping experiences for customers before, during and after the sale. During the purchase phase, brands aim to better understand each customer’s needs and make personalized offers based on only the most relevant products — even allowing customer to engage with the product as a pathway to the sale.

Upon purchase, they seek to enhance the customer’s product unboxing experience with hands-on guidance for installation, activation and operation. Post sale, brands must efficiently handle warranty issues, billing and product returns, and any other customer service concerns, in order to differentiate them from their growing competition, build brand loyalty and boost customer satisfaction.

Brands that aspire to improve the customer experience at every retail stage in order to maximize sales, avoid no-fault-found returns, and generate upsells, can meet their goals using visual, interactive and personal customer assistance.

If you are a retailer seeking to enhance the customer journey at every stage of the buying process, this TechSee brochure highlights how AI and AR-powered visual assistance helps brands provide engaging and interactive customer service in line with the brand’s digital transformation.

You will learn how an intelligent visual support platform can improve the way brands deliver visual interactive customer assistance for consumers in both assisted and self service modes.

Read about a wide range of use cases, such as:

  •    Personalization
  •    Warranty Verification
  •    Installation Guidance
  •    Billing Inquiries
  •    Product Unboxing
  •    Augmented Shopping

This resource explains how implementing a visual support solution helps brands enhance CX and brand loyalty, differentiate with an innovative shopping experience, personalize the sales process, and provide warranties with better service at a lower cost.

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