Is Generative AI also Practical: Hype vs Reality

What do the developments in the AI space mean for your service organization? For the service industry, the past few years have focused on improving efficiency and innovating. Now is the time to understand how the service industry has been looking to integrate AI into service interactions. The timing is right to think about how your organization can benefit now from the practical applications of AI.

This webinar explores the true strength of regenerative AI potential for AI in service, the hype behind ChatGPT, and how integrated solutions use computer vision and if it looks like generative AI will play a role.

Topics covered include:

  • What are the practical uses of AI in service you need to know?
  • Will ChatGPT change our approach to service?
  • How do we evaluate AI solution providers?
  • Can AI technologies be customized to meet our specific needs?

Speakers:  Renan Schilman, VP of R&D, Hagai Ben Avi, VP of Integrated Solutions, and moderated by Jon Burg, Head of Strategy.

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