Sophie AI


AI-powered, natural customer experiences across video, voice, and chat.

Total Experience Platform
Total Experience Platform

AI at the Center

Sophie AI is the world’s first and most powerful AI agent. Sophie learns from your service interactions to offer smart, situationally aware assistance. Sophie AI powers our Total Experience Platform.

This proprietary, MultiModal AI uses voice, visuals, and text to read, listen, see, and guide. Accelerate your AI time-to-market, reduce the cost of automation, and provide native agent-like support across every touchpoint.

Total Experience Platform
Sophie AI

Supercharge Your Agents with AI Powered Agent Assist

The suite of automation tools your contact center and field service agents need to service more customers with higher satisfaction.

Automate key information collection before an agent comes on the line. Then open a visual engagement, and elevate a phone call to a live video call instantly. Integrated AR tools and AI assistants help your agents guide the user to full resolution.  

Self-Service With Vision

Give your customers and field service agents the technology to resolve their own issues, quickly and easily.

Visual Journeys provide no-code, web-based visual flows with integrated AI analysis. Take it the next level, with Sophie AI agents that can listen, speak, read, write, see and guide every user to full resolution.  

Total Experience Platform

Enterprise Integrations & Security

The Sophie AI Total Experience Platform integrates with nearly every major tool in your CX stack, including all major CRMs and ISVs. Enable seamless service continuity and data transfer for your customers and your staff. All of this is built on our SOC2-certified state-of-the-art architecture.

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Supercharge Your CX Stack with TechSee Integrations


TechSee integrates with your CRM / FSM, enabling launch from agent consoles, with Single Sign On, an embedded visual dashboard widget, and automatic syncing of collected images. Techsee VIA Platform

User Directory

The platform supports unified authentication with the enterprise directory to enable precise user management, while Single Sign On (SSO) allows the fastest user access. Techsee VIA Platform


Visual sessions and AI can be launched from the widest possible range of digital channels including portals, chat applications, and social media, allowing the enterprise to create optimized multi-experience customer journeys. Techsee VIA Platform

SMS Gateway

The platform can be quickly integrated with you enterprise SMS gateway to deliver proactive engagements, even while on live phone calls. Techsee VIA Platform


The platform leverages customer wait times automate the collection of images, device IDs and critical customer information, allowing many calls to be deflected to guided self-service flows and shorten the calls that arrive to your agents. Techsee VIA Platform

Mobile SDK

With the TechSee SDK’s all of of the AI and live visual support capabilities can be launched directly from your app. Techsee VIA Platform

Knowledge Management

The platform automatically provides the agent with the relevant section of the most suitable knowledge base article based on its visual issue analysis. This AI-powered decision support tool enables faster and more effective resolutions and significant operational savings. Techsee VIA Platform


Open APIs can be readily integrated with external systems including workflows, claims system, ticketing, help desk and dispatch systems, enabling the rapid creation of a bespoke solution that precisely meets the evolving needs of the organization. Techsee VIA Platform


The platform is proven to concurrently support large departments and tens of thousands of human agents, and millions of automated AI interactions without impacting availability or performance.

Automated AI Data Collection

AI models built on your human customer service interactions, so that you continually train the AI to improve accuracy and customer satisfaction.


A full record of every visual session provides your organization with the context needed to improve automation, product design and customer documentation.


The platform creates a universal visual library of issues and pre- defined resolutions across departments, enabling effective knowledge sharing and operational efficiencies.


A lightweight SDK is available for adding mobile screen sharing, enabling the enterprise to embed visual sessions within their channels and native apps for a seamless and personalized user experience.


The platform adapts to the user’s connection speed, maintaining the live stream in instances of poor connectivity, with optional zero-rating traffic, allowing customers not to consume mobile data.


The platform enables enterprise- grade scalability with automatic volume-based elasticity matching resources to capacity, non-real-time micro-service separation and periodic maintenance.


The pure SaaS platform delivers peak performance and constant availability, deploying all services as an AWS N+1 cluster, with built-in redundancy, stateless data for smooth failover, plus integrated health checks and automatic alerts.

We believe that showing
is better than telling.