Remote Visual Assistance solution for B2B Warranties and Repairs

Seeking a solution to streamline warranties and repairs?

OEMs are required to reimburse their dealers for repairs performed on equipment under warranty. However, lack of insight into the warranty and repair process results in incorrect diagnoses, over repairs, fraud, and overcharges. OEMs need a way to quickly verify that the equipment is under warranty, and better insight into the repair process to keeps costs down and work quality up.

Using Visual Assistance, dealers can transmit images and videos of the equipment needing repair to the OEM’s contact center agents for immediate warranty verification, issue diagnosis, and visual confirmation of the steps needed to resolve the issue. Once the repairs are completed, Visual Assistance allows the job to be verified, resulting in transfer of payment to the dealer from a satisfied manufacturer.

Download this brochure to learn more about how dealers and manufacturers can be empowered with remote assistance. Discover how the technology works, find the key capabilities and benefits, and learn how to minimize repair costs across a wide range of use cases.

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