What’s New at TechSee: Q2 2024 Highlights

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AI automation for customer experience and service is more than just an industry talking point. AI augmentation and automation are rapidly becoming operational realities for hundreds of enterprise service and CX leaders worldwide. 

Below are select highlights from our product team, showcasing our latest innovations and advancements in this exciting and emerging space. These advancements are not just technological breakthroughs. They are practical solutions that will significantly enhance your customer experience and service operations, bringing tangible value to your business.

Sophie AI: AI Knowledge

  • Improved AI Training
    Today’s Generative AI can be compared to a teenager. It speaks with great authority and confidence about topics about which it has limited experience. As such, Gen AI applications often struggle with relability, safety, scalability and impact. Deploying Generative AI in a safe, scalable, and effective manner requires elevating the AI’s training and memory management. Our recent post explores Sophie AI’s unique, multimodal approach to cognitive training and memory management. This multi-layered architecture allows Sophie AI to capture tribal knowledge, understand and contextualize product and support documentation, and guide users through multi-step sequential flows with unparalleled accuracy and reliability, giving you confidence in its performance.

Sophie AI: Visual Intelligence (VI) Modeling

  • Improved Automated Modeling
    One of the most powerful ways to train AI for service and CX automation is to train the AI using your own CX and service interactions. Sophie AI trains your custom AI models by learning from your service and CX interactions within the TechSee ecosystem. One of the core ways Sophie AI learns is by observing the video and images of TechSee Live sessions. Sophie AI then automatically generates fully customized Visual Intelligence AI classification models that can identify each of your unique products. Our latest improvements make this process even simpler, faster, and easier, empowering you to harness the full potential of AI automation with confidence.
  • Optimizing SubComponent Analysis
    One of VI Studio’s hallmark capabilities is its ability to quickly train Visual Intelligence models capable of identifying the status of individual parts of an image. This enables VI models to perform visual diagnostics for troubleshooting. Similarly, this AI technology can automate AR user guidance, improving self-service containment and self-setup success rates.
    Detailed feedback now makes it easier to understand which
    specific part of the AI analyses is not generating the desired responses, enabling the delivery of more resilient, highly detailed visual AI models.

Sophie AI: AI Automation Flows

  • Reduce User Effort with Cascading Analyses on a Single Image
    Visual Journeys are web-based visual user flows that deliver turnkey AI automation to your end users – no app download required! This is core to our mission to simplify and improve your customer experience. Towards this end, you can now perform multiple types of Visual Intelligence AI analysis from a single image.For example, you can collect a single image of the back of a router and perform multiple analyses. In this example, Visual Intelligence can perform (a) a classification analysis to determine the specific make and model, (b) text analysis to read the MAC address of the router, and (c) analyze which ports have the correct cables inserted – all from a single image.
  • Automate More with Improved Text Analyses
    Integrated text analysis makes it easy to automate the manual effort of reading and entering text. Our improved text analysis saves customers, agents, and field technicians a significant amount of time and effort, relieving them of this burden and allowing them to focus on more important tasks.After extensive research and development, we have dramatically improved our text analysis using the latest breakthrough in Generative AI. Our integrated text analysis can now read a more comprehensive array of texts and fonts with unmatched accuracy and real-world resiliency.
  • Custom Expiration Windows for Automation Flows
    Your new, configurable expiration windows allow you to set a specific timeframe for users to complete a given flow. This feature is particularly useful for complex processes that may require users to leave and resume the flow, such as a home security or insurance VJ flow with over a dozen steps. In this case, a long expiration window will allow users to leave and resume the flow where they last left off. Similarly, a simple warranty registration flow with only three or four steps will be better served with a shorter expiration window.
  • Improved Branding and Usability
    Visual Journeys are fully branded, intuitive experiences. Nearly every element of your Visual Journey is now customizable through our no-code editor. In addition to substantial overall UI/UX improvements to improve accessibility support, you can now customize the font of your VJs for an entirely seamless, branded user experience.

To learn more about these updates, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your TechSee representative. Not yet a TechSee customer? Schedule your demo today. Your customers will be grateful.

Jon Burg, Head of Strategy

Jon Burg, Head of Strategy

Jon Burg Led product marketing for Wibiya and Conduit, bringing new engagement solutions to digital publishers, in addition to launching Protect360, the first big-data powered mobile fraud solution. With 15 years of delivering value for several other technological brands, Jon joined TechSee to lead its product marketing strategy.


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