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TechSee is off to a strong start in 2024, leveraging the latest AI advancements to significantly improve CX automation. Our exciting suite of self-service solutions, powered by MultiSensory and Conversational AI promises to revolutionize customer service. From simplifying support interactions to personalizing the experience, TechSee’s new offerings aim to elevate customer satisfaction while reducing costs to record lows.

Better Customer Service, Anywhere with the new Mobile SDK

The new TechSee Live Mobile SDK streamlines live visual assistance sessions between customer service representatives and customers facing issues. This new mobile SDK is now easier than ever to implement in your mobile app, enabling on-device visual assistance through mobile screen or app sharing, and real-time visual guidance – all from your mobile app. Gone are the days of complex downloads and external tools – this makes visual assistance smoother and more user-friendly for everyone involved.

Introducing AI-Automated Fiber Customer Installation

Over the last couple of years, leading fiber providers have used our AI-automated visual journeys to automate their new customer onboarding experience. This innovative approach has seen phenomenal success, successfully automating upwards of 90% of fiber customer self-installations by using visuals to guide users at every step.

Following this incredible success, we are now offering AI-Automated Fiber Customer Self Installation as an easy-to-deploy packaged solution.

Expedite fiber rollout and reduce operational overhead with AI-powered self-installation flows. This AI-guided solution empowers fiber service providers to offer customers a seamless self-installation experience, reducing costs, accelerating activation, and improving overall satisfaction. It’s easily customizable to meet specific provider needs, ensuring a scalable and efficient fiber service rollout.

3 New Seamless Self-Service Solutions to Shorten Support Times

Did you know that 62% of customers would rather hand out parking tickets than to repeat themselves or hold on the line? Or that 70% of contact centers lack access to relevant information during support calls? Here’s how to turn that around. Utilize hold time, often a point of frustration, to gather information and expedite calls resolution. By implementing interactive flows that accelerate information gathering and allow image uploads, you can even offer computer vision AI guidance while customers wait. Here are 4 new solutions designed to elevate your service processes, reduce call durations, and cut costs:

  1. AI-Automated Customer Identification and Warranty Activation
    Enhance warranty registration and claim processing with automated visual flows that reduce service costs and AHT. While customers wait to speak with a representative, collect customer or subscriber information that will enable faster service. For example, by asking customers for their name, contact information and an image of their proof of purchase, your CSR will have everything they need to quickly and easily identify the customer, activate their warranty, and more.
  2. AI-Automated Connectivity Pro
    Streamline device and service connection support with automated visual guides that lower service costs and shorten call times. While the customer is on hold, collect customer or subscriber information, including images of their on-screen error message and their WiFi router. This eliminates the need for lengthy explanations of the router or internet connectivity status, equipping the representative to readily understand the problem and resolve it efficiently upon connecting with the customer.
  3. AI-Automated Security Systems Check
    Elevate support related to security system checks with automated visual flows that reduce service costs and call lengths. Gather customer information, images of the security panel, and any related zones or sensors while the customer is on hold. By the time the customer connects with a service representative, all of the key information will be presented to the remote agent, preparing them for a quick resolution.

At TechSee, we’re passionate about improving the customer experience by eliminating friction points and turning them into cost-saving opportunities. This commitment means staying at the forefront of CX automation advancements. Our newest offerings reflect this dedication, featuring innovative AI-powered solutions designed to empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences. By streamlining support interactions and fostering personalization, these offerings aim to significantly improve customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall business success.

To learn more, please contact your TechSee representative or schedule your complimentary consultation today.



Anita Kaneti

Anita Kaneti

Anita is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at TechSee. Her passion for computer vision AI and her interest in hearing customer success stories shine through her posts.


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