Visual remote support deliver best-in-class results

A leader in hearing device implants achieves consistent 5 star customer satisfaction

Cochlear is the world’s largest manufacturer of implantable hearing solutions. They are committed to the mission of helping people hear and be heard. Part of this is their dedication to offer unparalleled virtual support. Cochlear’s device support team connect with their recipients daily to provide ongoing support on equipment maintenance, assist in setting up devices as well as troubleshooting.

The Visual Intelligence Difference

Support for recipients of hearing implants can be particularly challenging due to the different components and settings possible in hearing implant sound processors. TechSee’s visual remote assistance technology allows recipients to show support agents what they see, without requiring the technical knowledge to properly name each component or setting. Similarly, agents can visually guide recipients in their environment using Augmented Reality and ensuring full resolution to even complex challenges. This revolutionary technology enables Cochlear to optimally support their recipients when they need it the most.

At Cochlear, we are committed to continually raising the bar on how we support our recipients and enhance their experience when connecting with us. TechSee's visual remote support empowers my team to consistently support customers at highest satisfaction levels.
Alex Burgus
Supervisor for the Device Support Team, Cochlear

Cost savings through accurately identified parts for replacement

5/5 Customer Satisfaction

Complex call AHT down by 50%