Top Insurer Achmea Improves Net Promoter Score by 11 points

Claim life cycle time and handling costs are reduced with Visual Assistance technology

Achmea, a large insurance provider in Europe with over 10m customers, recognized the need to optimize the claims process. They sought to create a friction-free policyholder experience and boost loyalty in a fiercely competitive industry. In order to achieve this, they searched for a technology that would help them reduce the claim life cycle and cut handling costs, as well as to improve the accuracy of claim urgency and damage cost estimates.

The Visual Engagement Difference

Achmea deployed the TechSee’s visual platform across customer touch points within the claims process. Use of live visual assistance in their contact centers and visual automation in their customer self-service claims process has resulted in significant improvements to core KPIs. Claims resolved on First Notice of Loss (FNOL) are up, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction, represented by an 11-point jump in NPS. The overall claim cycle has been cut significantly, reducing the average cost per claim.

TechSee helps Achmea by reducing the cost of processing because we can handle the claim the first time. The agent can see the damage, estimate the cost and help the customer there and then.
Rudi Thuis
Change & Development Manager, Achmea

Lowered Average Claim Handling Cost

Increased NPS by 11pts

Improved First Notice of Loss processing

Increased Agent Satisfaction