Boosting ROI from Visual Assistance Adoption

Costa Express increases use of visual technology to reduce operations costs and improve customer service

Costa Express is part of the B2B division of Costa Coffee. They provide on-the-go self-service coffee machines found in food courts, gas stations, and grocery stores, supporting over 11,000 machines in the UK and Ireland alone. Costa aimed to take customer service regarding machine maintenance and repair to the next level.

The Visual Intelligence Difference

Costa sought to drive operational efficiency by reducing
machine downtime, which leads to a loss of sales for both
parties as well as unnecessary truck rolls. in 2019, Costa
Express was using an alternative visual assistance provider.
While this brought access to visual assistance, it came with
challenges: functionality, agent adoption, and customer
adoption. Costa Express switched to TechSee and saw a boost
in adoption resulting in customers not having to wait for an
engineer to arrive on-site to fix a machine. Now, a tech helpline

for engineers uses the visual platform to provide visual peer-to-peer support, allowing the businesses to get their machines up and running in no time. Given
the success with live visual assistance, Costa is looking to the future, and considering visual automation for machine inspection and maintenance.

The key priorities of transformation fall into 3 areas: Technology, digital site support, and world class customer experience. And for us TechSee helps us fulfill all 3 of those areas."
Elizabeth Allanson
Transformation Manager, Costa Coffee

£100K Costs Savings

Due to major reduction in truck rolls

Improved CSAT

From receiving faster assistance and reducing machine downtime

300% Increase Remote Resolution

After implementing TechSee visual assistance into their contact center

Reduction in Machine Downtime

Many inquiries able to be resolved immediately with remote visual support