Slashing Costs from Maintenance & Repair SLAs with Visual Assistance

Heineken improves distribution efficiency by improving machine uptime while reducing costs

Heineken is one of the world’s most recognizable beer brands, and
the number one brewer in Europe, supplying its own range of
beverages and distributing numerous products to bars, restaurants,
and more worldwide. Due to Heineken’s dedication to their customers, they promised an SLA of no longer than 3 hours for a technician to arrive onsite to resolve any issue. This resulted in high technician dispatch rates and spiraling operations costs.

The Visual Intelligence Difference

Intent on cutting costly technician dispatches without changing
the terms of their SLA or failing to deliver on their commitments,
Heineken selected TechSee’s visual engagement platform to ensure faster and more effective issue resolution.Agents now have the ability to quickly identify technical issues such as blocked pipes, damaged connectors and incorrectly installed CO2 canisters. They supply AR annotated images showing proven resolutions for each issue. Now activities that previously
required a technician dispatch can be performed by the business owners themselves, with remote guidance from an agent. Heineken also saw unprecedented accuracy in terms of quality control, monitoring the temperature, foam consistency and tap pressure for each brand, proactively verifying the correct pouring of foreign beers, and ensuring that its products are allotted the most prominent taps in
each bar.

Operations Costs Savings

Due to major reduction in truck rolls & faster resolution

+ 0 %


From receiving faster assistance and reducing machine downtime

+ 0 %


After implementing TechSee visual assistance into their contact center

- 0 %

Tech Dispach

Many inquiries able to be resolved immediately with a remote technician