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customer service week

In the world of customer loyalty, service is the currency paid. It’s a fundamental truth backed by decades of research – when mistakes happen, customers expect service providers to step up and help them make the most of their offerings. The rare 30-year customer embodies this loyalty, having been part of the company’s successes and growing pains. In this article, we’ll delve into Ann Mini’s remarkable decision to switch internet providers after three decades and explore how vision-powered service from Verizon revolutionized her experience.

Ann’s Journey Begins: A 30-Year Connection

Ann Mini’s journey as a customer began with the release of the original Ghost Busters movie. Her remarkable three-decade commitment to her service provider tells a story of enduring loyalty and trust. This week, I had the privilege of sitting down with Ann to learn more about her decision to switch her internet provider and how vision-powered service played a pivotal role in her decision.

Full Disclosure and Celebration

Before we delve into Ann’s story, let’s be transparent: Ann is a beloved extension of our team as she is our teammate’s Mom. Her infectious humor and storytelling are legendary among our colleagues. We’ve chosen not to disclose the name of Ann’s previous internet provider in this article, as we want to shine a spotlight on the exceptional service provided by Verizon.

The Turning Point: Frustration Builds

Ann’s recent move to a new apartment marked the beginning of her internet service ordeal. As a nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital, reliable internet access was essential for her daily work. Despite taking proactive steps to set up her new service, multiple calls, promises of resolutions, and technician no-shows left her infuriated. Ann lamented, “I kept receiving text messages reassuring me of my value without any concrete actions to fix the problem.” After enduring this frustration for 36 hours, Ann decided it was time to make the switch to Verizon.

Initial Hesitations and Pleasant Surprises

Ann’s initial hesitations about changing her service provider revolved around the daunting task of setting up a new router and Wi-Fi network. She had heard horror stories from friends who had struggled with similar transitions. However, her experience with Verizon turned out to be pleasantly surprising. “As soon as I encountered an issue, the agent sent me a link and initiated a TechSee session – it was nothing short of amazing.”

Vision-Powered Service: A Game Changer

With the help of Verizon’s agent, Ann’s equipment was made visible through a TechSee session, guiding her through the setup process effortlessly. Ann was ecstatic about her experience, satisfied with her decision to switch providers, and a proud mom as well, “I asked Brian, does everyone know about your software?”

The Power of Vision-Powered Service

Ann’s story stands as a testament to the transformative power of vision-powered service. It illustrates how it can turn a frustrated customer into a delighted one. We commend our clients at Verizon for delivering exceptional service and making a profound impact on their customers’ lives.


Ann Mini’s 30-year journey to churn ultimately led her to a provider that not only met her needs but exceeded her expectations. In an age where customer loyalty is a rare gem, Verizon’s vision-powered service played a pivotal role in securing Ann’s satisfaction. This story serves as a reminder that exceptional service can make all the difference in retaining and delighting customers. Kudos to Verizon for their dedication to enhancing customer experiences, providing exceptional service, and making a difference in their customers’ lives! 

Thank you, Ann, for sharing your story. Your story is a reminder of the importance of customer service and the power of vision-powered service.

Megan Saucier, Director of Sales NA

Megan Saucier, Director of Sales NA

Megan Saucier is leading TechSee Sales in the North American market. A customer enthusiast committed to delivering value, Megan brings with her over a decade of experience in Strategic Account Management and Marketing for Fortune 500 companies such as Verint Systems and TeleSpectrum Worldwide Inc.


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