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Sophie AI: Generative AI for Service

Generative AI will be transformative for every enterprise. However, today’s early Generative AI solutions lack context, and deliver a poor user experience. These are the keys to unlocking mainstream adoption of Generative AI for service and CX.

Using Generative AI should be as natural as chatting with a friend. As you chat, you read your friend’s facial expressions and listen to the tone of their voice. This provides invaluable context to your conversation. Similarly, Generative AI must be multisensory, fusing text, voice, and vision to interact with and help users naturally. AI that can interact naturally with users has the potential to augment and automate every service interaction across every channel.

This is the vision behind Sophie AI, the world’s first multisensory AI platform for the enterprise.

Meet Sophie AI

Sophie’s MultiSensory AI fuses data, text (LLMs), audio, speech and visual AI. This enables Sophie AI to interact naturally with any user across any environment, just like a real human would. Sophie AI can not only read and see, but speak, hear and show users how to complete any task. As a Generative AI enterprise platform, Sophie AI is built to secularly observe, learn and interact at scale, helping your agents, engineers and end-customers.


Designing Sophie: Generative AI for Service & CX

We began working on Generative AI for service about seven years ago, as the shortcomings of chatbots and virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa became clear. These chatbots demanded a lot of effort from users and administrators. Rarely were either left with a very positive experience.

In contrast, Sophie AI is trained like today’s human agents and engineers. Sophie AI reads product documentation and support flows, observes customer service and field service interactions, and learns at each step. This allows Sophie AI’s applications to naturally and organically assist agents, engineers, and customers in their context, using your best practices and operating procedures to guide them to full resolution.

Closing the AI Data Gaps

Generative AI requires massive amounts of data and deep AI expertise. We are privileged to be trusted by over a thousand leading enterprises who have already deployed TechSee’s AI and visual assistance technology. This provides both the scaled, secure service architecture for Sophie AI, and the first-party data our enterprise customers need to customize AI for their needs.

Over the last three years, our R&D teams have developed the automation to allow any enterprise to turn this ethically sourced data into transformational, fully customized AI applications.

Sophie’s Hub and Spoke Design

The Sophie AI Brain

Sophie AI is a centralized, multisensory brain that powers multiple service applications across the enterprise. This allows field service teams to learn from the contact center, the contact center to learn from customer self-service, and management to gain a 360° view of all service interactions.

Each secure Sophie AI is fully adapted to each enterprise and user persona through powerful training and optimization. Sophie AI is trained using product and process documentation, refined based on your service transcripts, gains valuable context from CRM data, and product and service visuals, and takes action through these same integrations. This provides a base layer of knowledge and capability that grows with each new interaction, evolving and improving through man-in-the-middle and fully autonomous feedback-improvement loops.

Furthermore, Sophie AI is built on state-of-the-art LLM management and optimization technology. This unique architecture ensures that AI automation is secure, accurate, and cost-effective.

Sophie AI Applications

Your Sophie AI interacts with users through specialized applications, delivering user and channel-appropriate experiences. For example, a chat interaction with a website visitor differs from an email inquiry. A phone-based new user will receive different guidance than an experienced field service engineer.

At launch, Sophie AI will power three unique applications: Auto Modeling, Sophie AI Assistant and the Sophie AI Agent.

Auto Modeling

Sophie AI starts by monitoring and learning from your service interactions. The Auto Modeling application observes your visual customer support sessions and autonomously builds it’s own visual AI models of your hardware and components. To get started, you only need to provide a few sample image prompts so the AI knows what to look for. The AI will walk you through the rest.

These models can be used as part of your automated self-service Visual Journeys, through Sophie AI Assistant and the Sophie AI Agent. You can also use these visual AI models within your own applications via our secure APIs.

Sophie AI Assistant

Sophie AI Assistant provides contact center agents and field service engineers with multisensory guidance for any issue they may face.

For example, during a TechSee Live call, the Sophie AI Assistant can help by visually identifying the user’s specific model device. Agents or engineers can chat with the AI Assistant, asking for clear guidance for this particular model. The Sophie AI Assistant dynamically guides these internal users to full resolution based on your internal best practices and documentation. The platform learns from user feedback, continuously improving with scale. Furthermore, an agent can ask the AI Assistant to help them take action through a third-party system, such as ordering a replacement part, updating a billing address, or issuing a refund. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Sophie AI Agent

The full transformational value of Generative AI will be in customer service automation. The Sophie AI Agent can handle any service channel, from chat through phone calls and even video calls. Your Sophie AI Agent is not only adapted to your unique brand look, tone and policies, but contextually appropriate to each channel and user. As a multisensory AI, the Sophie AI Agent takes full advantage of the latest visual AI and AR innovations to quickly and effectively help customers address any issue.

For example, a customer trying to set up their new connected TV can open a video chat session with your AI Agent. Your virtual agent will be able to interact with them through voice and visuals, guiding them through each step in their setup, activate their warranty and even upsell a new service plan.

Sophie AI: Delivering Tomorrow, Today

Generative AI can transform customer service and customer experience as we know it. Unlocking this potential requires a new breed of AI to power an entirely new user experience. Sophie’s MultiSensory AI enables natural interactions, delivering smarter service and happier customers. Welcome to the future of Customer Service Experience.

To learn more about Sophie AI, please contact us today.

Jon Burg, Head of Strategy

Jon Burg, Head of Strategy

Jon Burg Led product marketing for Wibiya and Conduit, bringing new engagement solutions to digital publishers, in addition to launching Protect360, the first big-data powered mobile fraud solution. With 15 years of delivering value for several other technological brands, Jon joined TechSee to lead its product marketing strategy.


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