5 Technologies to Jumpstart Your Customer Centric Strategy

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5 Technologies to Jumpstart Your Customer Centric Strategy

A customer centric digital strategy is more than just the latest trend in customer service. It symbolizes a significant shift and a new balance of power between consumers and enterprise organizations.

Fundamentally, it proves that businesses have finally acknowledged that fierce competition and a plethora of options available to consumers require enterprises to over-deliver in order to provide a superior overall customer journey.

Why is a customer centric business strategy vital?

A 2017 survey by The Independent about the customer service ranks amongst UK mobile providers noted that 25% of mobile customers switched providers during the year. Add to that the text-to-switch process allowing customers to transition between telecom carriers with a simple text message, and service providers find themselves facing a new reality – one that caters fully to the customer.

Customers expect a product to be presented to them in the way they want at exactly the time they need it. From the purchase process, to quick and convenient delivery, to 24-hour customer service availability and swift tech support; customers today want it all. And more often than not, they will get it.

For decades, tech support was the weakest link in the chain. The department created high costs and friction for the operation, but generated no direct revenue. Today, organizations have come to realize the value of an efficient, customer-friendly tech support center.  As quality service and a solid brand reputation are increasingly proven to be game changers in the customer decision-making process, organizations recognize the direct effect their after-sales support has on their bottom line results.

4 reasons why customers are dissatisfied with CX

Call centers are often the first line of defense when interacting with customers post purchase. Customer dissatisfaction can happen for many reasons during their interaction with tech support, although most commonly it is due to:

  • Difficulty finding the relevant contact information for the support center
  • Long hold times on the phone or chat
  • Having to repeatedly explain themselves after being transferred from one agent to another
  • Finishing a call with a disappointing result and an unresolved issue

Without a positive call center experience, a struggling customer may very well become a frustrated one – or worse,  a past-customer.

Is a customer centric strategy in support centers the solution?

The customer centric strategy approach has finally reached support centers. Management has realized that the past focus on call efficiency and agent routines did nothing by way of customer satisfaction. Instead, upping the level of attentiveness to customer needs — especially to those customers with a complex product or service issue — fosters a more pleasant customer experience, builds trust and the foundation for a long-term relationship… the holy grail of the customer centric business strategy.

Simultaneously, this new emphasis on customer-centric solutions have given rise to a new line of technologies that are emerging with the clear goal of improving the customer experience.

Customer Centric Solutions

To help you navigate through the multitude of tools available on the market today, we’ve highlighted a list of five customer centric technologies  that have been proven to offer your customers a positive support experience time and time again. These must-have technologies can be implemented in your tech support operation in a matter of days, with almost immediate results.

1. Intelligent Call-Back

An automatic call-back feature allows callers to select the call-back option, avoiding the need to wait in a queue on the phone. Instead, the caller can return to what they were doing, and an agent will call back when available.

2. Omnichannel CRM

An omnichannel experience considers all channels and devices that a customer might use to interact with an organization – including  website, social media channels, customer service call center, etc.  It delivers real time inquiries to your support team, and gives them tools to respond, manage and escalate from a single dashboard. This streamlines the multichannel support process, aligning the customer experience with every touch point, device or platform.

3. Visual Support

A real-time video communication technology that allows agents to see the customer’s physical environment via their smartphone and visually communicate with him. The ability to visually identify  the source of a technical problem and point at the required action instead of describing it, is a game changer in Tech Support call centers.

4. Call Center Analytics

Big Data is the ultimate tool to help call centers better understand their customers. By recognizing patterns in the call center work flow, customer service execs gain insight into optimizing resolution processes. A good call center analytics system can carry a call center to peak performance, while using a customer centric strategy to optimize each customer’s experience.

5. Predictive Support

These services use continuous monitoring and trend analysis to predict malfunctions and provide real-time intervention  in order to prevent service-impacting incidents and ensure continuous performance.

A Customer Centric Strategy Creates  Loyal, Satisfied Customers

A satisfactory post-purchase customer experience has been equated to bringing flowers to your wife after ten years of marriage. It strengthens the relationship and helps it endure the difficulties. It ensures you have a loyal customer –  one that will come back again and again for your service or products, and one that will spread positive word-of-mouth about your organization.

How to create a customer centric strategy for your business

A customer centric strategy for your business, particularly for your support center is a worthy goal.  To achieve it, employ the following steps:

  • Spend time researching and identifying the soft spots in your service operation.
  • Determine which call center technologies will fill that gap.
  • Implement the right technologies for your organization.

Once you have implemented your customer centric strategy, you will find yourself immediately benefiting, most notably by:

  • providing a better service
  • utilizing resources more effectively
  • giving your customers the call center experience they deserve

Now that you’ve put your customer centric business strategy into action,  sit back and watch your customer loyalty and revenue skyrocket.

Hagai Shaham, Director of Strategic Accounts

Hagai Shaham, Director of Strategic Accounts

Hagai joined TechSee in its beginnings in 2016 and has profound knowledge of its solutions and the audience it caters to. He is currently serving as TechSee's Director of Strategic Accounts to ensure clients realize the full value from their solutions and partnerships.


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