Enhance Self-Service Automation with Vision and Continuity Webinar

Having a self-service option allows your organization to deflect repetitive calls, lowering call volume and reducing operational costs. However, 91% of self-service chatbot interactions fail. With TechSee you can provide your customers with smarter self-service automation and continuity by collecting visual information and creating a seamless transition to a live agent who has all the customer information collected during the self-service session at their fingertips. This means less customer effort and happier customers.

Visual Journeys is an AI-powered automation solution that makes it easy to create, customize and implement a continuous service experience across channels. And the results? Find out in this webinar:

  • Learn how to build no-code self-service automation
  • Discover how visual automation is driving first contact resolution and self-service containment
  • Witness how you can create continuity during service escalation for better CX
  • Learn how data from self-service can improve contact center performance
  • See how to implement a continuous service experience using automation
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