How to Build a Super-Agent Culture In Your Contact Center

Customer service leaders are required to develop a culture of excellence in their contact centers, especially in 2021 – when agents are handling more complex cases than ever before while working remotely, often without team support.

To build this culture, contact centers need to recruit, support and reward the agents who are going above and beyond their job descriptions to deliver excellence to customers. These Super-Agents often take a proactive approach and are problem solvers by nature.

These skills require fresh approaches for KPIs, reward programs, as well as new technologies and tools. Visual Assistance is a key technology that enables agents to redefine their roles and drive a contact center culture of excellence.

Hear from guest speaker Troy Mack, Networks Operations Manager and Marquice Johnson, NOC Technician of WCTEL, who will share their company’s story of how one agent reshaped their entire remote service strategy.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to identify and balance the 7 different agent personalities
  • Strategies and tools to encourage leadership, proactivity and collaboration
  • How visual assistance shapes the problem-solving mindset

Watch this webinar to learn more about how contact center agents can maximize their potential in businesses. 

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