The Industry’s First Computer Vision Powered Self-Service at Scale

During the pandemic, enterprises turned to visual assistance to help them serve customers remotely. In the process, they’ve collected a massive amount of visual data that can be leveraged to enhance their self-service offerings using the power of Computer Vision.

But hard as organizations tried, harnessing the technology was nearly impossible; high costs and labor coupled with months and years of data collection and training was prohibitive. Using visual data to train AI to recognize thousands of consumer devices – let alone teaching it how to troubleshoot and repair them – was a mountain that couldn’t be scaled.

Now, the sherpa is here, and her name is EVE Cortex.

Watch our virtual launch event to learn how easy it can be to create your own customized AR Assistants for:

  • Product unboxing
  • Billing & contracting
  • Troubleshooting and highly technical repair
  • Warranty claims
  • Product registration

Find out how you can revolutionize the DIY and self-service experience while saving millions and generating new revenue.

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