CCMA Online Seminar Video: Rolling out AI in call Centers to improve CX and ROI​​

Last  month, the CCMA (Call Centre Management Association) hosted an online seminar with Andy Nolan, TechSee’s VP of International Sales and Luana Matchett, Vodafone’s Product Owner to discuss how AI and Computer Vision can improve  customer experience  while increasing operational efficiencies, and reducing costs.

As the longest established contact centre industry body, the CCMA has been dedicated to supporting contact centre leaders. This seminar, hosted by industry luminary Martin Hill-Wilson, was a unique opportunity to understand how Vodafone, one of the biggest telecommunications organizations in Europe, gradually rolled out AI and Computer Vision technologies to improve their CX over the past years.

The session looked into the most fundamental questions concerning organizations. Do we really understand what our customer journey is and how tech can add value? What’s the best approach to roll out emerging technologies successfully? Should phone calls and live interactions be completely phased out? Can agents become a fundamental source of intelligence to manage and guide the implementation of AI technologies?

Watch the full online session.

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