Reduce Machine Downtime with Remote Visual Assistance

Sending a technician to a client’s location is the most expensive form of customer support. No matter if it’s traveling across Manhattan or taking an international flight, the negative impact is doubled, with your expert wasting both valuable time and money. Whether it’s $150 or $5,000 per event, the company’s bottom line suffers from both direct and indirect costs. With so much on the line, leading businesses have long sought innovative ways to handle clients’ issues more effectively and reduce machine downtime.

Visual Assistance now offers a simple solution: live video sessions using Augmented Reality that enable a remote expert to see the customer’s physical environment via their smart device and guide them in real time towards proven resolutions for a fraction of the cost of a technician dispatch. It enables enterprises to get their clients up and running faster, improving support efficiency and customer satisfaction metrics.

The technology enables organizations across a wide and growing range of sectors to reduce machine downtime: payment processors, food and beverage suppliers, electrical and heavy machinery organizations, vending machine companies, refrigeration specialists, professional coffee machine makers, MedTech innovators and more.

Download this Best Practice resource now and discover how you can eliminate 90% of No Fault Found dispatches, cut your overall tech dispatch rate by 17% and improve your remote fix rate for machine downtime by 26%.


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