8 Reasons to Buy a Visual Assistance Solution Report

Remote visual assistance has become firmly entrenched in many customer service workflows today. The technology is being driven by a growing focus on reducing customer effort and optimizing costs, and advances in technology that enhance the experience with remote tools, such as video, augmented reality, and computer vision.

As organizations embark on the journey to implement a visual assistance solution, they are faced with two choices: build or buy. Should they purchase a commercial solution that is offered at different price points? Or should they invest in developing their own in-house solution?

TCO, ease of adoption, and potential value must be considered in the decision process of building vs. Buying visual assistance solutions. This report explores the 8 factors that differentiate in-house visual assistance solutions from those that are purpose-built and available on the market.

The report also includes Vodafone’s case study, which implemented visual contactless support to differentiate its customer service provision and resolve more issues in less time.

Download it to learn more about purpose-built visual assistance solutions’ financial and technological advantages and why plans to build a visual assistance solution should be shelved before you start.


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