The Direct Relationship Between Adoption and ROI

Visual Assistance is an increasingly popular technology that enables enterprises to provide remote support to end-users. It establishes a live video stream with the customer and overlays Augmented Reality annotations to provide step-by-step resolution guidance on their mobile screen. The technology has been proven to improve ROI by boosting efficiency in contact centers and field services, reducing truck rolls and dispatches, decreasing product return rates, and improving the overall customer experience.

But like any enterprise technology, the success of Visual Assistance rests heavily on employee engagement. A company’s management team can invest in the best solution on the market and IT can install and configure it to reflect all their business processes, but if employees do not adopt it, it will never be a success. Without high levels of adoption of new technology, the company will not realize the ROI they were likely expecting. In other words, a technology that no one uses is useless.

Download this comprehensive report that does a deep dive into the relationship between the adoption of visual assistance and ROI, and the 5 strategies that key brands have used to drive the adoption of Visual Assistance in their businesses. The Report also explores several case studies where companies that have successfully adopted the technology have seen their ROI soar.

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