12 Ways Visual Assistance Can Help Customer Service Drive Revenue

The future of customer service is about transitioning from cost centers that resolve issues to profit centers that increase revenue by generating upsells. According to Gartner research, by 2025, 40% of customer service organizations will become profit centers by implementing digital customer engagement, dissolving organizational silos, and increasing collaboration between departments.

In the report ‘12 Ways Visual Assistance Can Help Customer Service Drive Revenue’ you will discover how Visual Assistance is enabling customer service organizations to transition to profit centers with more robust service offerings.

You will learn:

  • How customer service agents can leverage a support session to upsell warranty, extend or upgrade a service, using remote Visual Assistance
  • How customer service agents guide the customer through the brand’s app to help with an upgrade / purchase, using remote Visual Assistance.
  • How Visual Assistance empowers field technicians to support customers and identify upsell opportunities onsite or from a remote location
  • How Computer Vision AI transforms self service channels offering customers Convenience and effortless interactions which have been proven to drive sales.

Download the full report to learn more about how Visual Assistance can help you transform your customer service from a cost center to a relationship-based profit center.


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