Visual Automation eBook: Boost Agent Productivity With Smart Eyes

Visual support over a live video connection is known to drive high customer satisfaction ratings and customer loyalty. But happy representatives are equally important, especially with high agent attrition rates presenting a real challenge for contact enters in 2019. That’s why visual automation equals agent productivity for a growing number of leading enterprises.

Contact centers are facing ever-increasing volumes of enquiries and more complex customer issues. Meanwhile customers are demanding faster, more effective and more personalized service. The visual dimension is the magic bullet, enabling AI-powered platforms to achieve the most impressive economies of scale.

Computer vision technologies are now enabling numerous agent tasks to be completed automatically or semi-automatically. This delivers greater efficiency and cost savings through intelligent decision support tools.

Computer Vision – enabling computers to see, identify and process images in the same way as people –  is now surpassing humans in the ability to recognize objects. From facial recognition, image to text and image similarity to motion estimation and image restoration, these technologies add real value to contact center operations. They allow agents to route customer queries, interpret images and make use of visual decision support tools. Alternatively, customers can visually interact with AI-powered assistants in self-service mode, alleviating pressure on human agents.

This in-depth white paper explores the real-world uses of implementing computer vision technologies within the contact center. It reviews how visual data collection analysis, classification and routing, auto-recommendations and resolution enable a new level of automation. This drives efficient workflows and cuts down the steps required to resolve a customer’s issue, benefiting both the agent and the consumer across sectors including telecoms, consumer electronics and P&C insurance.

It also explores the impact visual automation is having on a wide range of contact center KPIs, decreasing Average Handling Time (AHT), improving First Call Resolution (FCR) rates, slashing tech dispatch and boosting Net Promoter Score (NPS).

To learn more about how visual automation can revolutionize your contact center and boost your agents’ productivity, complete the form on the right to download the eBook.

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