KPI Data Research Findings: Impact of Visual Assistance (eBook)

For years, service organizations have struggled with finding the right balance between KPIs. Focusing on one KPI often came at the expense of another. For example, organizations that placed heavy emphasis on short handling times would often see negative results in terms of customer satisfaction. Conversely, when attempting to improve NPS, agents would often need to spend more time building relationships with customers, thereby increasing call handling times. This KPI conundrum has plagued call center managers for decades.

Recently, an innovative new technology has emerged as a transformative solution for service organizations across a wide spectrum of industries: Visual Assistance.

Visual Assistance is proven to enhance all Customer Service KPIs, including metrics that measure contact center productivity, CX quality and employee satisfaction. The technology is unique in that it drives KPI improvements without cannibalizing others. All metrics improve together, transforming contact center culture and, of course, significantly benefiting the organization’s bottom line, both in terms of cost savings and customer retention.

With unprecedented access to dozens of contact centers’ KPI data and results from more than 70 clients, 220 contact centers and help desks and 30,000 agents, this eye-opening report highlights how Visual Assistance affects customer service KPIs across industries.

Our KPI data research findings show that Visual Assistance delivers significant ROI by enhancing the quality of service and customer experience. Overall, our clients across a wide range of industries – including utilities, telecom, insurance, consumer electronics and medical technology – have reported:

  • Truck rolls reduced by 19%
  • FCR improved by 22%
  • NPS enhanced by 40% / 25 points
  • AHT lowered by 12%
  • Product returns reduced by 17%

This 18-page report, which includes deep dives into each KPI, charts improvements over the past year and a half, and includes case studies highlighting how specific clients have improved their KPIs with visual assistance. Download it now.

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