Providing Effortless Experience to the Empowered Utility Customer

Today’s consumers expect more from every interaction with companies, including their utility suppliers. Whether they want to pay a bill, check their usage levels or report an outage, they demand personalized, streamlined and convenient experiences. Simply providing reliable service is no longer enough.

Aside from increasing expectations, customers are also more aware of the choices available to them and are fully capable of using this to their advantage. Price comparison websites and deal-related search engines enable them to shop around for better prices and service. Switching providers has never been easier.

Poor customer service – a key driver of churn

It’s no secret that churn is closely linked to customer satisfaction. TTI Global reports that one third of consumers (33%) would switch providers due to poor service. This is consistent with new research on consumer behavior related to churn following an interaction with customer service. The survey revealed that 39% of those who canceled a contract with a company in the previous 24 months cited customer service as the primary reason for cancellation. 61% of these customers canceled after an ongoing negative experience, while 19% canceled after a one-time crisis. This indicates an opportunity for companies to recognize any shortcomings and take corrective action before the customers quit. One key opportunity for improvement lies in reducing customer effort.

TechSee’s eBook, “Providing an Effortless Experience to the Empowered Utility Customer” explores why customer effort matters most in interactions with suppliers and why utilities must enhance processes in order to provide friction-free customer experience that boosts customer loyalty.

The elements of high effort service in Utilities

The resource describes the types of high-effort interactions that should be the focus for suppliers, such as the need to repeat information, interact a second time, experience ‘generic’ service, a lack of self-service, or the need to exert additional mental effort to have an issue resolved. It also explores tools, tactics and technologies that utilities can implement in order to streamline customer journeys, including establishing trust and communication, employing efficient processes and implementing smart technologies.

Utility suppliers looking to enhance customer loyalty to ensure long-term profitability can download the resource right here.


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