How to Deliver Effortless Experience in the 21st Century eBook

Have you ever considered how easy it is for customers to do business with your company?
Do your customers have to put in unnecessary effort to get their issues resolved?
What steps can you take to eliminate friction and provide low effort customer experience?

With nine in ten Americans considering level of service when deciding whether or not they will do business with a company, CX leadership must take a long, hard look at exactly what’s involved in every step of the overall customer journey.

The time has come to scrutinize current customer service processes and determine what steps can be taken in the immediate, medium and long terms to boost service quality to the point where a low effort customer experience is being provided, genuine loyalty is being built and contact center operational costs are significantly reduced.

In this new eBook, we take a deep dive into how businesses can set about providing effortless experiences to their customers in order to create positive sentiment, drive repeat business and avoid churn. We explore experiences that require high levels of customer effort, such as the need to contact a company more than once, wasted time, sub-par self-service options, complicated instructions and impersonal service.

The eBook explores a wide range of tactics, tools and technologies that can streamline the customer journey, eliminate processes that waste a customer’s time or create duplicate work. It also clarifies a number of CX improvement tactics that don’t provide the complete picture, including the mistaken assumption that customer satisfaction can be equated with loyalty, or that overdelivering always leads to ROI. Also highlighted are examples of companies that are successfully creating low effort customer experience and are reaping the rewards for their endeavours.

Take the first step toward reducing your customers’ effort levels by downloading the eBook today.


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