TechSee Live for Return Merchandise Authorization

The average company spends between 2% to 3% of product sales revenue on managing returns, mainly due to the multiple costly steps in the return process, from return merchandise authorization (RMA) to shipping and receiving, processing, asset recovery, and disposal.

Reverse logistics professionals are highly motivated to reduce returns, and are turning to a revolutionary technology to help them achieve their goals. TechSee’s Visual Self-Service solution augments traditional digital tools with the power of video, AR, and Computer Vision AI to deliver visual, interactive self-service that has been proven to optimize reverse logistics and reduce returns.

Download the brochure, TechSee for Return Merchandise Authorization to learn how Visual Self-Service can:

  • Guide customers through setup, installation, and troubleshooting their products
  • Automate warranty registration and verification
  • Automate the RMA reverse logistics process

The brochure explains the solution’s capabilities and advantages, and describes a wide range of use cases where the technology can benefit a brand. Download the brochure now.

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