Visual Customer Assistance for Consumer Electronics

CE brands, manufacturers, retailers, warranty providers and BPOs all face the growing challenge of providing tech support for electronic devices. The expansion of home electronic devices, has driven the need for better alternatives for helping consumers integrate electronic devices into their everyday lives.

Visual interactive support is a proven solution that enables remote visual communication with experts, augmented reality manuals, and virtual technicians for self service support.

In the post sales phase, brands are experiencing rising no-fault found (NFF) returns, which now account for 68% of all consumer electronics (CE) returns. Verifying warranty eligibility, troubleshooting, and assessing quality issues are complicated endeavors, especially for devices that cannot be remotely accessed. This leads companies to seek solutions that reduce the number of items returned, as well as costly technician dispatches, product pickups and replacements.

In addition, the steady rise of smart home devices has further complicated the technical support ecosystem, requiring companies to scale their support models and shift to self service in order to meet the overwhelming number of increasingly complex support inquiries.

If your company is struggling with the challenges of supporting home electronics devices, this TechSee brochure highlights how an intelligent visual support platform enables AI and AR-powered visual assistance to provide the customer service of the future.

You will learn how an intelligent visual support platform can significantly improve the way CE inquiries are processed and resolved by delivering visual interactive customer assistance in both assisted and self-service modes.

You will see why leading CE brands have chosen TechSee.

Read about a wide range of use cases, such as:

  •    Retail sales
  •    Quality checks
  •    Troubleshooting
  •    Maintenance
  •    Warranty verification
  •    Operational guidance
  •    Installation guidance

This resource explains how implementing a visual support solution helps brands, manufacturers, retailers, warranty providers and BPOs improve their level of technical support for electronic devices. In the process, they benefit from reduced operational costs, increased customer satisfaction, decreased NFF returns, enhanced self-service, and easier validation of warranties.

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