Visual Assistance for POS Systems

When a point of sale device goes down, the effect on a business can be catastrophic. A line of frustrated customers waiting to complete their purchases means not only loss of revenue, but a reduced likelihood of repeat custom.

As the range of smart payment devices grows, the costs of technician dispatches for scheduled maintenance and urgent repair are spiraling. To maintain competitive edge, reduce overhead and streamline processes, leading payment providers need a solution that enables the provision of remote assistance to stores and businesses.

TechSee’s intelligent visual assistance platform enables AI and AR-powered visual assistance that helps payment providers deliver unrivaled service. Using their smartphone cameras, store clerks transmit images or video of their hardware issues. In either agent-assisted service or self-service mode, they then receive visual guidance showing them the precise actions they need to take in use cases ranging from installation and activation to time-sensitive troubleshooting.


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