TechSee Live for Job Verification in Field Services Brochure

Field technicians in all industries need the tools and knowledge to correctly diagnose technical issues, and to repair and install parts and devices.  These technicians are often dependent on remote experts to assist or confirm their completed work, a process fraught with bottlenecks, wasted time, and extra effort.

How can field service providers better support their technicians in the field? With automated job verification.

Using Computer Vision, field technicians can use their smartphones or tablets to capture images of a completed job. The technology identifies any errors and provides automated visual guidance through the steps needed to resolve the problem. Once the repairs are completed, Computer Vision can automatically verify the job without the involvement of a remote expert, resulting in a highly productive workforce and reduced operational costs.

Download this brochure to learn more about how field technicians can be empowered by using remote visual assistance for automated job verification. Discover how the technology works, find use cases and benefits, and learn how a leading telecom quickly implemented the technology for thousands of technicians when time was of the essence.

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