What is Visual Service?

What is Visual Service?

Visual Service is a revolutionary approach to customer support that leverages real-time visual interactions to enhance issue resolution and customer satisfaction. In the context of contact centers or field service operations, visual service involves utilizing advanced technologies to connect customers with support agents or technicians through live video, image sharing, and augmented reality tools. This enables agents or technicians to visually assess, diagnose, and guide customers through troubleshooting processes, installations, repairs, and other technical tasks.

Visual interactions transforms the traditional support experience by bridging geographical barriers and providing personalized, immersive assistance. Customers no longer need to rely solely on verbal descriptions of their issues; instead, they can show the problem directly to agents or technicians, leading to faster and more accurate solutions.

Benefits of Visual Interactions in Contact Centers and Field Service

  1. Enhanced Issue Resolution
    Visual interactions allow agents or technicians to accurately identify problems and provide precise guidance, leading to quicker resolutions.
  2. Personalized Assistance
    Agents or technicians can tailor their instructions based on the customer’s unique context, ensuring effective support.
  3. Reduced Downtime
    Real-time visual guidance minimizes downtime by addressing issues promptly, improving operational efficiency.
  4. Cost Savings
    Visual service reduces the need for on-site visits, cutting down travel costs for field service operations.
  5. Improved Customer Experience
    Offering visual assistance shows commitment to customer needs, enhancing overall satisfaction and loyalty.

TechSee’s Visual Service Advantage

TechSee, the market leader in visual customer service solutions, provides cutting-edge technologies that empower contact centers and field service operations to deliver unparalleled customer support. Through TechSee’s platform and integrated multi sensory artificial intelligence, customers can initiate real-time video sessions with support agents or technicians. The platform features:

  • Live Video or Visual Interaction: Customers can show their issues through live video, enabling agents or technicians to visually diagnose and guide them.
  • Image and Video Sharing: Customers can share images or videos of their problems, aiding agents or technicians in identifying issues without downloading an app.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Tools: Agents or technicians can superimpose visual guides on the customer’s real environment, facilitating step-by-step instructions.
  • AI-Powered Automation: Automate agent or engineer guidance through our integrated Agent CoPilot, and customer self service through text-based, visual and spoken interactions.

TechSee’s visual technology solutions revolutionize customer support by embracing the power of visuals and multi sensory AI, ensuring efficient, accurate, and personalized assistance, ultimately transforming the way organizations deliver exceptional service.

Visual engagement is a game-changing strategy in customer support that utilizes real-time visual interactions to improve issue resolution, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. TechSee’s visual service solutions exemplify the capabilities of this approach, providing advanced tools for contact centers and field service operations to engage customers through live video, image sharing, practical AI and augmented reality, leading to enhanced customer experiences and streamlined support processes.

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