How partners drive growth through Visual Intelligence Studio

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Companies across all industries are searching for innovative ways to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience. In the realm of visual assistance, our partners are making a significant impact through TechSee’s Visual Intelligence Studio (VIS). With their VIS certification, these highly engaged partners are revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers.

Visual Intelligence Studio is a no-code computer vision AI model builder that allows quick and easy training of highly accurate computer vision models. VIS uses photos and videos taken from ordinary smartphones with no special hardware, data scientists, or AI specialists required.
The tool then delivers fully customized, detailed AI models with >95% of greater accuracy in just a few weeks. It allows customers to connect with support agents or field technicians, who can guide them through complex processes or troubleshoot issues using live video streams and advanced tools, offering both self-service and full-service options.

TechSee’s VIS platform has gained popularity among businesses due to our strong partnerships formed with organizations across multiple industries. From telecommunications providers to insurance companies, TechSee has formed partnerships with a wide range of organizations eager to integrate VIS into their own customer service and support workflows.

That leads to the question, why are so many partners quickly adopting TechSee’s VIS platform? That answer is down to a few key reasons.

Enhanced customer experiences: By incorporating VIS into their customer service workflows, partners can provide their customers with an immersive, personalized, and efficient support experience. Customers receive help faster and with greater accuracy, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty. Enabling customers to self-serve and complete complex tasks reduces call volume, improves resolution times, and enhances brand reputation.

No-code flexibility: TechSee’s VIS platform is designed to be highly customizable and requires no coding expertise. Partners can easily tailor the platform to their customer needs and workflows without the need for expensive and time-consuming development projects.

Scalability: VIS is a highly scalable platform that seamlessly integrates into existing customer service and support workflows or stacks. As partners grow and evolve with TechSee, they can expand their use of VIS to meet changing field service needs and requirements.

Competitive advantage: Partnering with TechSee provides a competitive advantage by offering cutting-edge visual assistance solutions. Partners attract and retain customers seeking innovative and effective support options by integrating VIS into their own product or service offerings, creating new revenue streams and unlocking new business opportunities.

Comprehensive support and training: TechSee offers a range of support and training resources to help partners maximize the VIS platform. From dedicated customer success managers to self-paced learning resources, TechSee provides guidance and expertise for successful integration, deployment, and optimization. The global network of partners and developers knowledge sharing, best practices, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

In conclusion, TechSee’s Visual Intelligence Studio no-code platform is becoming a must-have solution for partners across industries aiming to enhance the customer experience. The first wave of SIs on board have streamlined operations and stayed ahead of the competition. We are now opening up the studio to all of our partners, providing total access to Visual Intelligence Studio for customers seeking to revolutionize the way they create lasting value.

Taylor Hyams

Taylor Hyams

Taylor is the Partner Marketing Manager at TechSee. He brings a wealth of marketing management experience from companies such as Unitrends, SalesForce, and ClickSoftware. Taylor is a huge Buffalo Bills fan who dreams of the day they will return to the Superbowl.


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