Best in class Home Owner Support, Significantly reduced FCR

Leading US home builder increases service efficiency and quality with visual guidance.

Lennar is one of the largest homebuilders in the US. They receive thousands of home owner service requests a month. While looking for ways to offer home owners an even better experience as well as streamlining internal operations, Lennar experimented with several support technologies. As a result of the successful outcomes, Lennar partnered with TechSee to bring visual service transformation through the creation of a Virtual Customer Care department. TechSee’s intuitive and app-free solution provided a much more friendly experience for homeowners and customer care representatives alike, leading to greater adoption and best in class home owner support.

The Visual Intelligence Difference

Prior to TechSee, Lennar’s customer care team often needed to evaluate service requests in person. This led to a longer overall cycle of communication between customers, trade partners, and field technicians. `After this assessment, they would order any needed parts, and then dispatch a technician to fix the issue. TechSee was implemented as an integrated solution into Lennar’s customer management system. With TechSee, most issues are effectively diagnosed virtually, reducing the amount of time and visits that are required to resolve them.
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First Visit Resolution

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Net Promoter Score

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Field Representative Efficiency

TechSee helps us communicate more effectively with our customers, our trade partners, our associates, and the people in the field. All the customer has to do is answer the phone, it's that simple."
Bret Wallach
VP of Customer Care, Lennar Homes